Monday, August 16, 2010

Calif. & OH AsAms ask their governors ….

Great News: AsAms. in Calif. and Ohio, under 80-20' leadership, shall send
a questionnaire to their respective gubernatorial candidates asking for
commitments to provide equal opportunity in STATE agencies and
BEFORE they'll decide which candidate to support using
their bloc vote.

Remember how effective 80-20's questionnaire in 2008 was with then
candidates Obama, Biden, Clinton and others that included the
appointment of federal judges? It's the SAME program expanded to
the state level!

NOTE: 1/3 of the states are re-electing their governors. That's the BEST
time to induce your gubernatorial candidates to do the right things for AsAms,
because they need your vote.

Why CA & OH but not the other states?
80-20 is strong in those 2 states.

(1) In CA, 80-20 has 8 of its 20 Board members; 700 dues-paying members,
and 5 affiliates, including CAPA & CBC -- both being big and effective
organizations. Many of the Asian Am. political leaders are also 80-20

(2) In OH, 80-20 has established 3 chapters in 2 years. There are some
very capable AsAm leaders who are 80-20 chapter presidents/chairmen.
Hopefully a 4th chapter will be formed soon, centered about Columbus.

The stronger 80-20 is in a state, the earlier it can help AsAms in that state
achieve equal opportunity.

Can Your State Do The Same?

If there is a strong 80-20 presence in your state, yes. Only a Political
Action Committee (PAC), like the 80-20, may endorse candidates & organize
a bloc vote.
Any 501 c-3 orgs. doing the same will be gainst the law.

To join 80-20, go to .
Or send a check to &nbsp 80-20 PAC &nbsp P.O. Box 603 &nbsp Osprey, FL 34229.
$35 for a Basic member, & $50 for a family (2 votes). Please place your
e-address(es) at the back of your check. For every NEW member, 80-20 gets
twice his/her dues, thanks to a $3,500 matching fund. Hurry! If you
select the auto-renewal option, your membership is good for a year from today.


S. B. Woo
A volunteer Acting Exec. Director, 80-20 PAC,

:-) :-) :-) Ce aa cilia Yu, Rolling Hills, CA became 80-20's newest Life member. THANX.