Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Empower ourselves & DOL

God helps those who help themselves. Here is how we can empower
ourselves to live to the maximum of our potentials.

(1) Acronyms You Need To Read This E-newsletter:
DOL is Dept. of Labor.
OFCCP is Office of Federal Contracts Compliance Program. This office enforces
E.O. 11246 to ensure that all Americans enjoy equal opportunity in workplaces
of federal contractors and subcontractors (roughly all big companies and
universities). Its Director is Patricia Shiu, an Asian Am.

(2) Recent History:
After a long effort by 80-20, OFCCP under the Obama Administration has committed
in writing to enforce EO 11246 for Asian Ams. How vigilant? It somewhat depends
on YOU. In contrast, OFCCP under Secretary Elaine Chao in the Bush Administration
took a very different stance. For a letter from Elaine Chao's Deputy Secretary on
80-20's request to enforce EO 11246 for Asian Ams, visit
http://www.80-20initiative.net/action/equalopp_glassceiling_DOL.pdf .

(3) Now We Can Empower Ourselves:
Director Patricia Shiu, beside committing to enforce EO 11246 for Asian Ams., also stated,
"First, OFCCP is committed to increasing its workforce representation of AAPI within
its ranks."
In other words, OFCCP wants to hire more Asian Ams. so that it can be
more sensitive to the needs of our community.

3 of the 6 "Regional Directors" positions at OFCCP are open. See below. The pay seems
. If you qualify, you may want to apply promptly, since that the positions have
closing dates that are fast coming up.

To get future up-to-date job openings at the OFCCP, go to 

http://jobsearch.usajobs.gov/search.aspx?q=ofccp&where=&x=101&y=11&brd=3876&vw=b&FedEmp=N&FedPub=Y .
To see all job openings in the US government, visit http://www.usajobs.gov .

(4) One Best Way to Empower Yourself:
JOIN 80-20, as 
dues-paying members. In serving you, 80-20 has accomplished
so many feats that others had considered as impossible.
Click on 

http://www.80-20initiative.net/membership/payment.asp . Or send your
check to: 80-20 PAC, P.O. Box 603, Osprey, FL 34229 . THANK YOU.

Respectfully yours,

S. B. Woo
Acting Exec. Director (a volunteer), 80-20 PAC, Inc.