Friday, March 12, 2010

AsAm Profs. Bad Administrators?

During the Bush Administration, its Labor Sec. Elaine Chao steadfastly
refused to help Asian Ams gain equal opportunity in workplaces through
the enforcement of E.O. 11246. EO 11246 mainly affects two groups of
workers -- those in private industries and those in universities.

So how have Asian Am. professors & professionals in universities fared in
their odds to become administrators during that period, from
2001 to 2007? Miserably! See the table below.

* The 07 data come from .

Americans of all other races made faster gains in their odds than Asian
Ams., although those Americans already have more than twice the chance
to rise to the administrative levels. At this rate, we & our children will get equal
opportunity 65 years AFTER all other Ams. have long reached it. I
feel ashamed for letting our children down so badly. Do you?

Are Asian Ams such poor administrators? Is it because we just don't
want to be Administrators?

A few year back, some Asian Am. lawyers had explained to me that the reason
for the lack of Asian Am federal judges was because Asian Am lawyers didn't
want to be federal judges. However, now that Pres. Obama has given Asian Ams
equal chance to be appointed life-tenured judges, more and more lawyers
have expresses interests to be appointed federal judges! Are we engaged in
sour-grape-talk to relieve the pain caused by the hopeless feeling that it
would never be our turn?

Is the above statistics the faults of our political system alone? No!

I like to conjecture that it's partially our own fault. We need
to face these faults and correct them, now that DOL under the Obama
Administration has fully committed to help us win equal opportunity in
UNIVERSITES, by enforcing EO 11246.

Asian Ams. don't stand up for our rights sufficiently. We may be too
shy, too timid, and/or too lacking in confidence in America's sense of fair
play. Some of us have behaved like "ostriches" and some others cried
"sour grape."

To be sure, some of our scholars genuinely don't want to be
administrators. That is certainly quite all right. What I am saying here is
that for those of us who want to be administrators, we need to step up,
face the odds, and fight for our equal opportunity.

Friends, we can empathize with the "sour grapers" and "ostriches."
Don't copy them, however. Let's fight for our equal opportunity in
workplaces the American way -- speak out when things aren't fair, use
legal remedies if necessary, and organize and use our GROUP political
clout to win equal opportunity.

Be a doer! A new dawn has arrived for Asian Ams. Join 80-20 and fight
for YOUR OWN equal opportunity in workplaces. To join, click on .
Or send you check to 80-20 PAC P.O. Box 603 Osprey, FL 34229

Respectfully yours,

S. B. Woo, a volunteer Acting Exec. Director.
80-20 PAC, Inc.

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Community News:

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2. Munsup Soeh of Ohio, an 80-20 member and a Past President of The
Asian Am. Council -Dayton was honored by the Wright State University
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