Saturday, October 10, 2009

Part II of Asian Am. Salary

A Courageous Asian Am MD Spoke Up

Are you outraged by the charts showing that Asian Ams come out in
the shortest end, whether in salary or in upward mobility?

Many spoke up but few would allow 80-20 to quote them by name. Hence,
we salute John K Hsiao, MD who gave us the permission to publish
what he had emailed to 80-20. He is a role model.

Speaking against injustice is a good American trait. Not even speaking
against injustice that is against ourselves is a cultural trait that we must
cast away. Here is what Dr. Hsiao wrote to 80-20:

"I've been planning on joining 80-20 for a while now, but
procrastinated until I saw this article in The Scientist. The article is
a review of salaries in the life sciences & one of the figures compares
salaries based on ethnicity. AsAm MD's & PhD's are the LOWEST
paid of any ethnicity, below white, black, or Hispanic. Asian Am MS
holders are paid somewhat better than other ethnicities, & in fact,
make more than AsAm PhD's.

AsAm MD's make only 2/3 what white MD's make & only 3/4 of what
black MD's make. This is really shocking. What is also shocking is
that the article calls attention to this discrepancy but doesn't
comment on its unfairness. Maybe this was just an anomaly from
this year's survey, & 80-20 may want to look into whether other
surveys identify similar discrepancies. As for me, I just signed up at
80-20's website.

I have worked as a psychiatrist at the Natl Institutes of Health for
>25 years, in a number of different scientific capacities. I also
maintain a small private practice. I recently left the Mental Health
Institute (where I had been for 25 years & had been very successful)
after a project I initiated & developed was stolen from me by a new
supervisor. I don't think it was racially motivated, but wonder if
my being AsAm led the jerk to think he could get away w/ it.
Institute leadership, including 2 AsAm Directors were aware of what
had happened but turned a blind eye. I didn't want to get bogged
down in an EEO complaint, & instead, found a new job in the Aging
Institute (where I am quite happy). Seeing this article makes me
wonder if I should have fought more vigorously.
I've attached the article & the figure as a separate pdf. Thanks

John K. Hsiao, M.D.
Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology"

Here is the salary survey chart published by The Scientist:

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