Monday, October 26, 2009

Continued Personal Appeal

A Personal Appeal from S. B. Woo,
who is 72 and near his swan song

THANKS TO YOU we are closer to our shared goal. 80-20 now
needs 74, instead of 173 members, stated 4 days ago.

However, the need is no less urgent - the goal hasn't been

Your membership will last a FULL year even at this late day, if you join
via the "automatic renewal option," which you can cancel anytime.
Go to

Why this urgency?

Others and I will be going to the Department of Labor (DOL) to discuss
the removal of that final major obstacle to the growth of our
community -- the removal of the glass ceiling -- by enforcing an existing
law (E.O. 11246), which President Obama has promised. Please arm us with
a powerful weapon -- the news of the highest membership ever, in tough
economic times. Political folks understand that message.

Before I retire, I would like to help remove that final obstacle for
our community.

80-20 in spirit, but not yet in action, to do so NOW! Ved Chaudhary
of NJ
has generously offered a new matching fund of $1,000. Yesterday,
I've gladly paid my "fulfilled" matching fund of $3.5K to 80-20. ☺.

To join, go to .
Or send you check to 80-20 PAC PO Box 22509 Philadelphia, PA 19110
Student: $15, Basic:$35, Family$50, and Life Member:$1,000

Respectfully yours,

S. B.
Acting Executive Director (a volunteer), 80-20 Initiative