Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Support Judy Chu for Congress today

Please support Judy Chu today. She is the odds on winner of CA's 32nd Congressional seat. Her special election is only 8 days away.

She is supported by CA's Democratic Caucus, many well-known Hispanic political figures and Emily's List. However, we must NEVER relax in any election.

When elected, she will be the first Congresswoman who is also an 80-20 member.

In a splendid victory, she was endorsed by 100% of the delegates in the Democratic Caucus in CA, while her main Democratic rival didn't even bother to contend for the endorsement.

Party endorsement in an intra-party primary is highly unusual. It is normally because
1) the party thinks that Judy is extraordinary good, and/or
2) her opponent may be facing a big scandal, if elected.

You can support Judy in two important ways.
a) Donate to her via http://www.judychu.net/donate.php, and
b) emailing your friends/relatives who lives in CA's 32nd Congressional district which covers Monterey Park, San Gabriel Valley, and neighboring regions. Ask them to vote for Judy Chu but not the other Asian Am., who is running in that same special election aiming to confuse voters and defeat Judy. That candidate is, in effect, helping Judy's Dem. rivals, and working against Asian Am community's aspiration to have one more voice in the Congress. That candidate has NO chance of winning, because CA's 32nd is highly Democratic.

United, we shall overcome. Help Judy so that Judy may in turn help us.


S.B. Woo, Acting Exec. Director, 80-20 PAC, Inc.

PS: 80-20 needs NEW members. A donor gave $3,500 as a matching fund to double 80-20's intake, whenever a NEW member joins. After that I will give $3,500 for the same purpose. Why $3,500? To show that we ourselves are willing to sacrifice 100 time more than what we ask of others. GO http://www.80-20initiative.net if using a credit card. Or send a check to 80-20 PAC, PO Box 22509, Philadelphia, PA 19110. Only citizens & permanent residents may join. Thank you.