Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Has S. B. Lied?

A person who has been on 80-20's email list doubted the truthfulness of one of my statements. He emailed,

"(You said,) ". . . are each pledging $3,500 to match the dues of any NEW member. Why $3,500? . . . ' It is touching, but can you swear that it is the truth and nothing but the truth before God? Each member? Paul Hsiao "

Paul sent the above after I sent out an e-newsletter on May 12 which ended with a postscript. The postscript stated:

"PS: 80-20 needs NEW members. A donor gave $3,500 as a matching fund 
to double 80-20's intake, whenever a NEW member joins. After that I will 
give $3,500 for the same purpose. Why $3,500? …. "

Since 80-20 always strongly believes that our supporters'/detractors' questioning of our motives and/or truthfulness is a healthy pratice in democracy, I tried to answer Paul. I first emailed the anonymous donor who gave $3,500 and got the donor's permission to give out his name and e-address so that Paul may email this donor directly to verify.

Next, I struggled with how to prove to Paul that "after that I will 
give $3,500 for the same purpose,"since I've NOT given the money yet? I decided to ask Paul to check how much money I've donated to 80-20 PAC in the past so that he may see that I didn't need to lie for the relative small amount of $3,500.

Thank Heavens that political donations, which giving to 80-20 PAC is, are a matter of public records above $200.

I asked Paul to go to a site maintained by the Federal Election Commission, since it reports such donations on its website: He needed to click on "individual search" in the middle of the page, then type in the various versions of my name. (Note that I always sign my name as S. B. Woo in the check, but the government employees have different preferences on how to enter my name in the official record.)

Woo, Shien-Biau (So now you know what S. B. Woo stands for. ☺ )
Woo, Shien (Some gov. workers consider Biau as a middle name)
Woo, S.B., Woo, SB, Woo, S. B., Woo, Shien Biau, Woo, S B

My total donations to 80-20 PAC over the years are in the high 5 figures. Fortunately, after that Paul was satisfied. :-) He emailed:

"Your letter shows your sincere heart. I do not doubt you, I just think it is touching that you want to contribute yourself for a purpose."

You may check the sum of my donations to 80-20 PAC yourself, if you want. The above is also an objective lesson on why transparency is
desirable. TRANSPARENCY builds TRUST!

To join 80-20, using a 
credit card, go and click on the red 
button "JOIN 80-20" in the lower right hand corner. Or send a check to 80-20 PAC PO Box 22509 Philadelphia, PA 19110.

Thanking you in anticipation for your sacrifice.

Respectfully yours,

S.B. Woo
Acting Exec. Director (a volunteer), 80-20 PAC, Inc