Wednesday, April 22, 2009

GREAT News (2), if YOU work for "Private Ind. or Univ.?

GREAT News (2) -- if YOU work for Private Industries (PI) or Universities (U)

Too good to believe? How about the following facts? Pres. Obama appointed Asian Ams to be:

1) 2 leaders in the 16-member Transition Team,
2) 3 of the ed7 15 Cabinet Secretaries,
3) 10 White House Senior staff, a few with significant power,
4) 2 legal counsels with the rank of Deputy Sec., 1 Undersecretary, and 2 Asst. Sec., and
5) The Acting Chair of EEOC.
Indeed, many more will be appointed!

Did you see that many significant appointments coming BEFORE they happened? If not, then have more faith in OUR OWN ABILITY to change destiny.

So listen up! Please absorb the info. presented to you below and try to help your own good fortune along.

If YOU work for PI or U, you have been discriminated against for promotion to the managerial/administrative levels. When 80-20 first dug up those statistics (see the Washington Post ad below), some gov. officials disputed them. Now they are no longer controversial.

Pres. Obama has promised to eliminate such discrimination by the enforcement of Exec. Order 11246 for us which worked effectively for blacks, women & Hispanics. See his signed reply to 80-20 below.

When Executive Order 11246 is finally implemented for Asian Ams, if shall be we assure you, after decades of benign negligence, your chance of being promoted to the managerial level will increase by 81% if your work for PI, and by 150%, if you work for U.

Specifically, we will benefit?

In PI, they will be those who are classified as "professionals," "Sales workers," and "technicians." There are about 940,000 such Asian Ams.

In U, they will be those who are classified as "faculty," and "professionals." There are about 67,000 such Asian Ams.

How many more Asian Am Managers in PI & U?

In PI, there are currently 160,000 Asian Am. managers, out of a total employment of 1,900,000. In an estimated 10 years, the 160,000 number will increase to 290,000 or 130,000 MORE Asian Am managers, assuming no change in the total number of Asian Am employees.

In U. there are currently 3,500 administrators out of a total employment of 71,000. In an estimated 10 years, the 3,500 number will increase to 8,800, or 5,300 MORE Asian Am administrators, assuming no change in the total number of Asian Am employees.

Your Best Option?

80-20 understands your frustration with the discrimination against you. We understand the tough choice before you today -- going through the court procedure for discrimination is money and time consuming, painful, and often humiliating.

Joining 80-20 may be your best option. The more you support us, the more we'll have the strength to work for you. We'll fight for your equal opportunity to live to the maximum of your potentials. Go & click on "JOIN 80-20."


Respectfully yours,

S. B. Woo
Acting Exec. Director, 80-20 PAC, Inc. (a volunteer)

GOOD news (3)
will be for the 790,000 Asian Americans who work for the federal/state/local governments.

Please view the Washington Post ad.

CLICK HERE to view President Obama's solemn commitment to the Asian American community.