Monday, April 13, 2009

GREAT NEWS (1) - Obama Appointments

YOU are breaking through the glass ceiling.

Indeed, the next 2 e-newsletters GREAT NEWS (2) and (3) will address YOUR own brighter future -- doubling you chance to become an administrator/manager/head in almost any profession you happened to be in.

Let's first look at


2 top Leaders in the 16 member Transition Team (TT):
Pete Rouse - a Japanese Am., one of 3 co-chairs of the TT
Chris Lu - Executive Director of the TT

About 10 Senior White House Staff
Chris Lu - Asst to the President and Cabinet Secretary
Pete Rouse - Senior Advisor
Vivek Kundra - CIO, Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
Tina Tchen - Head, Office of Public Liaison
Sonal Shah - Head, Office of Social Innovation
Madhuri Kommareddi - Associate Staff Secretary
A few more whose names we'll publicize later.

3 of the 15 Cabinet Secretaries:
General Eric Shinseki -- Veteran Affairs Dept.
Nobel Laureate Steven Chu -- Energy Dept.
Governor Gary Locke -- Commerce Dept.

A Labor Secretary: with the background to understand our concerns. Hilda Solis' old Congressional District includes Monterey Park Her parents are both immigrant workers. She and Judy Chu are good friends.

An Acting Chair of EEOC -- Stuart Ishimaru

Many Sub-cabinet Level Appointments Now and To Come

2 Legal Counsels in important Cabinet Depts.
Ivan K. Fong -- General Counsel (Deputy Secretary in rank), Homeland Security Dept.
Harold Hongju Koh (고홍주) -- Legal Counsel, State Department

These appointments exceed the sum of Pres. Clinton's and Pres. Bush's appointments in their 16 years in terms of significance & numbers. Credit must be given when credit is due. We thank President Obama.

80-20 was once in conflict with the Obama campaign if you'll recall. That President Obama chooses to place so many Asian Ams in such important positions in his Administration is a wonderful comment on the American democracy and a magnificent reflection on President

Notwithstanding the above good news, 80-20 will NOT be content unless, YOU, the millions of Asian Ams working in private industries, universities, local/state/federal governments get YOUR equal opportunity to become managers/administrations/heads. We'll report to you via GREAT NEWS (2) & (3).

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Respectfully yours,

S.B., Acting Exec. Director, 80-20 PAC, Inc.

PS: Texas State Rept. Betty Brown has apologized. Together, we've overcome!