Thursday, July 10, 2008

UCLA dubs AsAms as "awakened political GIANT"‏

A press release from one of the most prestigious academic institutions on Asian American affairs, UCLA's Asian Am Studies Center, was issued on July 3, 2008.

The report was a most positive testimony to 80-20's political effectiveness, although 80-20 was not mentioned by name. See what the release says.

"Super Tuesday of the 2008 presidential primary was a milestone in the emergence of Asian Americans as a factor in American politics. National news outlets discussed and analyzed California's Asian American voters, who helped Senator Hillary Clinton win the Democratic vote," says the release.

"In addition to helping Hillary Clinton in California,.. Asian Americans have played a pivotal role in other nationally significant contests.

In 2006, for instance, 76 percent of Virginia's Asian American and Pacific Islander voters went for Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jim Webb,.. Webb's win helped tip the balance in the Senate in favor of the Democrats."

To see the entire report on which the press release is based, go

Which Asian Am organization is singularly instrumental in the above demonstration of AsAm political clout????? 80-20!

To 80-20 members: This UCLA report is an immense non-monetary reward to us all for having borne the burdens of pioneers.

To non-80-20 members: You have been great supporters of 80-20, wouldn't you please go another step and be dues-paying members now??? As the UCLA Press release says, "still more can be done."

Join 80-20 now! Go There has never been an Asian Am organization as gutsy, as knowledgeable in politics and as dedicated to you as 80-20.

Be pioneers! May you and I share the burden.

S. B. Woo
Member, Exec. Comm., 80-20 PAC, Inc.