Sunday, April 13, 2008

UPDATE! Voters in CA - help elect AsAm Delegates

There are many Asian Am. candidates running to become either Obama (O) or Clinton (C) delegates at the National Democratic Convention in Denver. You can help get them elected today (Sunday)!

Your vote does NOT change the number of delegates for C or O. Your vote only helps decide who gets tot be the delegates.

Qualification: A registered Democrat
Time: from 2-3 pm; caucus at 3 pm. You do not have to stay for the caucus to have your vote counted.
Place: Depends on (1) which Congressional District you are in, and
(2) whether you want to vote for C or O candidates.

In either case, click on

Many thanks. Please go help elect Asian American delegates*.

* As soon as Senator McCain has replied to 80-20's questionnaire with all yeses, we'll provide information for electing Republican delegates as well. Until then, 80-20 urges you not to help Sen. McCain's campaign.