Saturday, April 05, 2008

3 Inspiring AsAm Political Role Models & Other Items

Three Asian American Political Role Models

Gordon Quan, Chris Lu and Ted Lieu are Asian Am. political role models.

Gordon, former Houston City Council Member and a very successful lawyer, endorsed Sen. Clinton. Chris Lu, Legislative Director of Obama's senate office on loan to the Obama campaign, is naturally for Sen. Obama. Yet, they are both our role models.

Gordon and Chris represented their respective candidates in negotiating with S. B. Woo regarding 80-20's questionnaires. They were both extremely loyal to their respective candidates. Yet, they also cared deeply about the grievances of Asian Americans having been denied equal opportunity. So how did they solve their dilemmas? They worked hard in finding a win-win situation with S.B. that will get their respective candidates votes while ensuring huge gains in equal opportunity for Asian Ams., if one of them gets into the White House.

Ted Lieu, Chair of California Asian Am. Caucus, California State Assembly, also endorsed Sen. Obama. We had minor run-ins against each other when I pressed Ted, perhaps too hard, to get Obama to reply with all yeses to 80-20's questionnaire last January. However, after a string of 10 primary victories by Sen. Obama, placing Obama is an apparent advantageous position in the presidential contest, Ted sent me a magnanimous email that really touched me:

Dear SB,
" . . .regardless of who the eventual nominee is, I look forward to helping you make sure our next President honors the commitments made to you and 80-20 . . . --Ted"

Wow! That is how caring and noble they all are.

80-20 has begun to work on Sen. McCain's reply to its questionnaire with all yeses. Will there be such Asian Am. Republican political leaders?

The dawn of a new era in AsAm politics has arrived. 80-20 salutes those 3 role models and others like them.

Audrey Magazine

Audrey Magazine is an upscale magazine for AsAm women celebrating its 5th anniversary. In its April/May issue, it gave a carefully researched & detailed report on the political clout of Asian Ams in the 2008 election. It's written by Jack d'Annibale, whose title is "Run. Win. Lead. -- In an historic election, AAs may be finding their voices.

Audrey's editor-in-chief, Anne H. Kim, said in her Editor's Desk: " 80-20 experienced a similar frustration, causing them to endorse Clinton in Calif. which may have influenced the overwhelming AA support for her there." Worth reading. Go .

Don't be complacent, however. Whatever clout we have is not enough. We've not won our equal citizenship yet.

Acknowledging Generous Supporters

80-20 has institutes a 10% discount for those paying membership dues for the next 3 years. It is very popular. About 1/3 of all who joined in March opted for that discounted rate. We also want to gratefully acknowledge:
Song, Sanghun and Mylinh $ 2,000.00
Wang, Peter and Grace $ 1,500.00
Chan, Ying & Kelvin; Ke and Zh, Bin & Jingyan; Liu, Dongzi: $ 500 each
Chen, York L. & Terry; Tsao, Hsueh Sheng & Kathleen Sye: $300 each
Kong, Loong F. $ 250

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