Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Are We Too Timid To Speak Up?

Only the timid, would be silent when discriminated against.

Only the short-sighted, would give their children a first rate
education but not fight for their equal chance to achieve their full
potential in the workplace.

Only those with the "slave mentality," would say that "I am
living comfortably and I am content to be a second class citizen."

We know that YOU ARE NOT among them.

That is why we want you to be aware of the facts, show you that
they are accurate, and trust YOU will join us to ACT. Unite!

[A] Here Are The Facts:

(see the chart)

This chart shows that AsAms have respectively 55%, 41% and
30% chance to be promoted to the manager level in private industries,
universities and the Federal government.

[B] Answers To Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Where do the numbers for the above chart come from?

All the raw figures come from the Federal government. They are
easily accessible on the WEB:
http://www.gao.gov/new.items/d0334.pdf ,
http://nces.ed.gov/programs/digest/d03/tables/dt227.asp , and
http://nces.ed.gov/programs/digest/d03/tables/dt228.asp .

2) How reliable is your chart?

Very! We've shown these data to DOL Sec. Elaine Chao since
May 2005 and EEOC Chairwoman Cari Dominguez since Dec. 2005.
We made explicit requests for them to check on the accuracy of our
data. To date, no one has told us that we were wrong.

3) How many Asian Ams. are employed in the above 3 areas
where there are such evidence of discrimination against us?

2.1 million.

4) Is there correlating evidence that Asian Americans are
the most discriminated in the workplace?

Yes. A Gallup poll sponsored by EEOC reported 3 months ago that
Asian Americans workers have the highest % of people who perceived
discrimination at work. See EEOC press release:
http://www.eeoc.gov/press/12-8-05.html .

5) May I see in detail how 80-20 got those numbers?

Yes. 80-20 has the highest respect for individuals like YOU, who
care but want to be certain of the facts. Go
http://www.80-20initiative.net/attachmentA.html .

and ACT OUT to stop discrimination against us!

Join 80-20. 80-20 will soon place full-page ads in ethnic
and non-ethnic papers
and lead a nationwide movement to
stop such discrimination against us. Any US citizen or permanent
resident can be a member, using a credit card, visit

http://www.80-20initiative.net/membership.html (easy to use) or

PERSONAL checks are payable to "80-20 PAC", mailed to:
Jing-Li Yu Director of Projects
P.O. Box 527340 Flushing, NY 11352-7340 .
Write down your E-MAIL address & PHONE no. on the BACK of the
check. Basic membership is $35; Family (2 voters) is $50, Life
Membership is $1,000. Student membership is $15.