Monday, January 09, 2006

Senator Carper Follows Up With DOL

Happy New Year! This will be the BIG year for Asian Ams. to

begin winning EQUAL opportunity at work.

US Senator of Delaware Tom Carper was astounded by the statistical
data provided by 80-20 President, S. B. Woo, to Labor Sec. Elaine
Chao, which indicated strong discrimination against AsAms in
workplaces. In addition, a Gallup poll regarding discrimination at
work commissioned by EEOC and released on 12/08/05 was completely
consistent with 80-20's findings below.

"When compared with the chance enjoyed by an average
Am. worker in the same positions i.e. the national average,
Asian Americans have only 55% of the chance to rise to
management ranks in the private Industries (1.9 million AsAm
workers), 41% of the chance in the universities (70,000
AsAm workers), and 30% the chance in the Federal
government (86,000 AsAm workers.)"

Although the letter has been in Sec. Chao's office for more than 6
months, she has not replied. Sen. Carper made numerous inquiries on
Asian Americans' behalf regarding a reply or a meeting during that
period. Finally, on 12/15 /05 Sen. Carper and his staff met with Dep.
Sec. Steve Law and 2 DOL staff's to discuss this matter. Law is the
second highest official in DOL.

Six days after the meeting, despsite the fact that the Senate was
rushing to begin its Christmas recess, Sen. Carper wrote to Dep. Sec.
Law to press for concrete written answers discussed in their meeting.
He asked

1) Are the statistics gather by 80-20 showing that AsAms are
the most discriminated in workplaces in America correct?

2) IF the statistics are not correct, what is wrong with them?

3) IF the statistics are right, how does the DOL plan to help

For now we'll waiting for a reply. We feel that if Sen. Carper can
show such deep concern for fair treatment of Asian Ams, Sec. Chao, an
Asian American, will certainly feel the same way.

However, if the "not-so-benign neglect" continues, 80-20 has no
choice but to begin a full court press to win our equal opportunity
for AsAms. This is America. America believes in EQUAL OPPORTUNITY

80-20 will inform you what those steps of full court press are
in our next mass email. If and when the press begins, be a part of
that movement. Stand up for your rights. This will be something
that you'll be proud to tell your grandchildren.

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