Monday, October 17, 2005

Does 80-20 deserve your help?

     Hello.  This is S. B. again. Will REASONING, rather than my
personal appeal, sit better with you?  Please give me 2 minutes to
read the following.

     Unworthy organizations should die.  ANSWER 3 QUESTIONS
for yourself to decide if 80-20 is worth your $50 or personal effort to
recruit on 80-20's behalf?

     (1) DO YOU KNOW of another AsAm organization that fights the
BIG DIFFICULT BATTLES for you e.g. MORE representation in
Federal courts & enforcement of an existing law to give you EQUAL
opportunity in workplaces?

     (2) DO YOU KNOW of an AsAm org. that can mobilize the AsAm
community to ACTION as 80-20 has done?  Visit

     (3) DO YOU KNOW of another AsAm org. that has the record of
having delivered two consecutive BLOC VOTES in the 2000 and
2004 presidential elections -- the root of 80-20's political clout &
perhaps the ONLY MESSAGE that politicians will jump up & note.
      Visit: (2004) & (2000)

     If you don't know of another AsAm organization like the 80-20,
then please help!  80-20 fights the BIG & DIFFICULT battles for you.
80-20 is PRO-ACTIVE.  With your generous help to JOIN and/or
RECRUIT, we shall overcome.  I've tried my best* .

Awaiting your favorable reply,

S. B. Woo

                           To join, visit  (easy to use) or   (Paypal)
PERSONAL checks are payable to "80-20 PAC", mailed to:
             Jing-Li Yu               Director of Operations
             P.O. Box 527340          Flushing, NY 11352-7340 .
Write down your E-MAIL address & PHONE no. on the BACK of
the check.
   Student membership is $15, Basic membership is $35, Family (2
voters for 2 names) is $50, and Life Membership is $1,000.

    Many more joined & donated the last few days, including two new
Life Members (Sheauling Ellen Tang & Ignatius Wang) & Family
Life Members who gave another $1,000 (Victor & Eva Wu). Please
also let us know who you've recruited so that we may thank you.
Visit 80-20's BLOG: New articles about 80-20 from Singtao and
The World Journal. Copy them and send them to your Chinese-reading
friends & relatives.

* In 1997, during the "Asia Gate," I came out of retirement from
public service to help give our community GROUP political clout to
protect Asian Ams. from exploitation.  Since establishing 80-20, I
have given it 7 years of my life.  In addition, Katy & I donated
$35,000 to 80-20.  To allay people's suspicion of my motive, I
announced "NEVER to run for office, oraccept any government
appointment for the rest of my life."