Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Lots of GREAT News

1) 80-20 held a teleconference on 6/19 & raised $60,000 to
$89,000 for its war chest for the 2004 election. None will be
given to the endorse presidential candidate. Funds will be used to
buy TV, radio and newspaper ads to forge a bloc vote for the
endorsed candidates ONLY. That is the fundamental way to
increase our community's political clout.

2) The following radio stations are broadcasting 80-20 messages
urging APAs to hoist a flag on July 4th:
In Los angeles:
1230 AM, Korean language
1480 AM, Vietnamese language
1370 AM, Mandarin
1300 AM, Mandarin
1430 AM, Cantonese
In San Francisco:
1400/1450 AM, Cantonese
FM 96.1, Mandarin
1480 AM, Cantonese
FM 104.3 (subscribers only), Mandarin

Let SB know of your view of the next July 4th radio message.

3) 1.1 million e-mail addresses on 80-20's list. It is a factor of 3
increase over the 300,000 email addresses in the 2000 election.

4) Our web site had a GREAT FACE-LIFT. You MUST SEE IT. See pictures in the mid section!!!!

5) S. B. 's speaking schedule. He'll be delighted to see YOU.

a) Florida: 6/26 (Saturday morning); "The Importance of Group
Political Clout," invited by Chinese Am. Scholar Assoc., Holiday Inn near U. of Central FL, Orlando campus
b) NY: 7/8 (Thur. Morning); "A Virtual Political Community," invited by Syracuse U's Center for Digital Literacy; Syr U, Schine Std. Ctr.
c) West Virginia: 8/14 (Sat. morning); "What 80-20 Is All About,"
invited by Chinese Am. Scholar Assoc. of WV, Morgantown
Waterfront Radisson Hotel and Conference Center.

As usually, honorarium from the 3 events will be donated to 80-20, while he bears the tax consequences.

* * * * * * * * * * *
80-20 is a national, nonpartisan, Political Action Committee
dedicated to winning equal opportunity and justice for all
Asian Pacific Americans through a SWING bloc vote, ideally
directing 80% of our community's votes and money to the
presidential candidate endorsed by the 80-20, who better
represents the interests of all APAs. Hence, the name "80-20" was
created. For more details, visit