Monday, June 07, 2004

Differences & Similarities of Dem. & Rep.

ELECTION TIME. 'Tis an opportune time for AsAms.

Astute Americans use elections to get the 2 parties to do things for them. AsAms must learn to do the same. But, first, know the differences and similarities of the two parties, highlighting those features that are of particular relevance to AsAms.


o Both want our money & votes BEFORE elections & give back benign negligence AFTERWARDS.

o For example, both the Democratic & Republican Administrations didn't bother to enforce Exec. Order 11246 for AsAms, a law that was designed to give equal opportunity in workplaces for ALL Americans. We are the only Americans who were left out.

o Both competed to distance from the ENTIRE AsAm community during the campaign finance scandal of 1997, which New York Times termed the Asia Gate, although only a FEW AsAms committed the misdeeds.

o Both lust to win the White House. Both will serve our rightful interests, if WE CAN HELP THEM WIN the White house -- 80-20's reason in advocating a SWING bloc vote.

o Both want to do the right things for America, but both mostly place their partisan interests first. Hence each party MUST FIRST serve those of its constituents who demand service from them. If AsAms are dumb enough not to ask for their service, and/or if our votes & money are split 50/50, then both parties will forever feed us
benign neglect. Wake up! [See below for "constituents" of each party.]

(Being brief, the following is not comprehens ive)

o Rep. and Dem. have different constituents.
The Republican Party mostly counts on votes from the white male, rural folks, folks down South and in the Mid-West, & conservatives (people who prefer to preserve things the old way).
The Democratic Party mostly counts on folks in big cities, African Ams., Hispanics, immigrants, union households, and liberals (people who believe in change in order to cope).

o The two parties are different in philosophy.
Everything else being about equal, GOP will favor the businesses, because it believes that a big profit for business will trickle down to benefit all Americans. Everything else being about equal, the Dem. Party will favor the working folks, not because it is more compassionate, but because most of its constituents happen to be the little folks.

Above all, REMEMBER that political parties act in their own interest. If we have the unity to deliver a SWING bloc vote, then the two parties will compete to serve our rightful interest in order to win our bloc vote in the NEXT election.

To achieve that unity, friends, we really need your help in the election year. We need a BIG war chest & army. Join 80-20 now. or
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