Monday, June 16, 2003

Victory VII & Other Good News

A) Victory VII & Salute to APILC, Asian Pacific Islander Legislative
Caucus of California (Co-Chairs: Assemblymembers Wilma Chan &
Carol Liu
; Members: Assemblymembers Judy Chu, George
Nakano, & Leland Yee

The California Senate voted unanimously on June 2 to condemn
remarks by Congressman Howard Coble (R-N.C.) regarding the
Japanese American internment and called for him to resign as chair
of the House Sub-committee on Homeland Security. The resolution
was introduced by APILC. The California Assembly took the same
action about 2 weeks earlier.

A copy of the resolution will now be sent to every member of Congress
and every member of North Carolina's Legislature and the Governor.

B) Good News -- GOP Leaders Are Dropping 80-20's Name In
Press Conference

80-20 didn't get much respect from GOP in the 2000 presidential
election. However, things seem to be changing. John Tsu who will
chair the "Asian Am. & Pacific Islanders for Bush/Cheney 2004" stated
during the press conference announcing its formation that 80-20
might join this campaign organization after 80-20's Endorsement

While the statement is technically true, it is not news. 80-20 is just as
likely to support the Democratic presidential nominee after 80-20's
Endorsement Convention. The nominee of the major political party
that has performed more good deeds for our community in the
preceding 4 years gets 80-20's endorsement.

What is news is that Prof. Tsu, by working in 80-20's name in the press
conference, is recognizing 80-20's unique power to deliver a bloc vote.
What a difference that 4 years make!

80-20's growing prestige in the political arena is due to ALL OF YOU
who sacrificed your money and time to nurture 80-20. Keep up
with your history-making support.

C) Our interns are recruiting members very successfully. Thus far
Paul Jung, an intern from the Korea American community, has
recruited the most members.

D) Prof. Jerry Yang, an 80-20 Board Member was honored by the
Asian Am. Heritage Foundation of NJ, which was founded many years
ago by Dr. Steven Ko, another 80-20 Board member.

Please be vigilant. Join 80-20. Together, we shall overcome.

UPDATE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS with 80-20, when anticipating a change.