Monday, June 09, 2003

OUR Young Lions at Work and Play

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Dear 80-20 Supporters:

One of our Chang-Lin Tien interns, Sherry Zhang of NJ will
be interviewed on The Voice of America, VOA
-- live broadcast
to China from 7:30 to 8:00 a.m. E.C.T. on 6/11.

Here is how it came about.

As interns for 80-20, they undergo two weeks of intense training.
After that they'll go into our community to recruit members for 80-20.
The purpose is to let them learn how to organize which is the
essence of politics
. Part of the training is for each intern to try get
a press release about their joining 80-20 into their respective local
papers. What follows best illustrates how "A little spark can start a
prairie fire."

1) 80-20 issued a press release in English and urged each intern
to try get it published in his/her local papers,
2) Sherry Zhang translated the release into Chinese and submitted
it to various news outlets in her locality as did other interns,
3) The Chinesenewsnet among other media published the translated
4) VOA saw the news on Chinesenewsnet, and contacted Sherry,
5) Sherry accepted the invitation to go on live in VOA's broadcast to
China on 6/11 at 7:30-8:00 a.m., E.C.T.

So that's our 80-20's interns, OUR young lions are at work and
. Getting a press release about oneself published and then getting
interviewed by VOA in a live broadcast to China is certainly work and
fun. One of our interns may try to recruit you as an 80-20 member
soon. Please respond generously.

This internship program will continue next year. Offspring of 80-
20 members will be given preference
, other considerations being

If you are already a member, Thank you. Otherwise, please join as
a Basic member ($35; one vote) or Family member ($50; two votes), or
Life member ($1,000). Any US citizen or permanent resident can be a
member using a credit card, visit or .
PERSONAL checks are payable to "80-20 PAC", mailed to:
Jing-Li Yu
80-20 special Assistant
43-34 Union St., Apt. 6-d
Flushing, NY 11355-7042
Write down your E-MAIL address & PHONE no. on the BACK of the