Friday, December 27, 2002

The Significance of Inducing Sen.Lott's Resignation

Why? Why did 80-20 help to induce Sen. Lott's resignation from the Majority Leader's position? Here is why.

(1) America has leaned significantly to the right since 9/11. Since 9/11, our country is much more strict in immigration policy, less pro-diversity, and shows less respect for civil rights and minority concerns. All of that might be temporarily necessary to counter terrorism. But 80-20 is not that sure. It reserves its judgment for now.

(2) Talks could lead to actions. If pro-segregationists statements could be made with impunity in the guise of today's anti-terrorism atmosphere, who knows if the "clock can't be turned back."

(3) Human nature is such that the weakest is the most vulnerable. The APA, being the smallest of minorities and therefore perhaps the weakest, will be the first to be discriminated against, should the majority, God forbid, decide to turn the clock back.

Given those 3 reasons, a politician who made pro-segregationist statements MUST BE PUNISHED severely, so that no other politicians will dare to try turning the clock back. That is why 80-20 decided to induce Sen. Lott's resignation.

Please be aware that no APA individuals, regardless of how wealthy and powerful, can effectively impact such an event. Only a group like 80-20, that has the group political clout to deliver a bloc vote to either party in the next presidential election, could induce the political will forcing Sen. Lott's resignation.

In inducing that result, 80-20 has protected you from gradual shift in political atmosphere detrimental to you and your children.

Join 80-20 to boost our GROUP POLITICAL CLOUT . Thank you.

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There are six types of 80-20 memberships:

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