Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Senator Torricelli/ David Chang/ Asia Gate

What can we learn from Senator Torricelli's downfall, David Chang's imprisonment, and the campaign finance scandal of 1997, that The New York Times christened "Asia Gate.?" Remember those days, when our entire community was tarnished for the misdeeds of a few?

80-20's conclusion is: Don't engage in illegal political activities. While that is obvious, there is also a subtler message: Gaining political clout is much more complicated than giving money to politicians, even when one were willing to do so illegally! David Chang of NJ, John Huang, Johnny Chung, Maria Hsia and Charlie Trie, ..., etc. all found that out the hard way.

Politics must be learned, like all other subjects. However, there is no book on how to gain political clout. Hence, those individuals in our community with political field experience (electoral politics, appointive politics, and political action committee experience) must be looked to for advice. Never again shall we follow those APAs with little political experience and little substance, but driven by blind ambition to seek political power and business profit.

If you believe that our community needs political clout, give your money to political organizations that have the experience and the track record of gaining political clout for you. Don't give money to politicians who don't share our rightful concerns.

Want to know how much money 80-20 has given to politicians in its 4.5 years? $500. $100 to each of 5 politicians in order to qualify as a multi-candidate political action committee, in accordance with Federal Election Commission requirements. But, look how much 80-20 had gotten done for our community, thanks to YOUR SUPPORT for a bloc vote and YOUR PAYMENT of membership dues. shows these achievements.

John Huang raised $3,000,000 from our community for the Democratic Party. Result? Our community got trashed instead of gained political clout.

Others have raised a lot of money from you for presidential candidates. They chaired the fundraisers and got themselves appointed to public offices. However, when our community was in trouble, where were most of them?

80-20's leaders are answerable to YOU only, not to politicians. Ponder that point a moment. You will know which ones deserve your financial backing. Thank you.

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