Friday, October 11, 2002

80-20's Candidates/ How People Reacted

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B) Find out how people reacted to 80-20's e-mail on "Sen. Torricelli/ David Chang/Asia Gate." There was not a single negative reaction, although not all positive ones are shown here.

(1) You are so right!!!!
As Asians, we are so enamored with being in the inner political
circle. The way some Asians get there is through illegal campaign
donations. That hurts all of us. Joe Yew

(2) Thank you for the substantial message, hope every 80-20 member
keep the lessons it in their minds. Phoebe Andes

(3) Right! Right! We need to educate those Silicon Valley companies,
that gave huge money to the Republicans, naively believing that the
R would protect their business. What happened to their business after
the election? They were the first ones to be crashed. We need to
educate our people about American politics and American history.
Thanks for the good work you've done! Lin Jian

(4) "... While there are good and bad people on both sides of the
aisle, it bothers me that the list of David Chang, John Huang, Johnny
Chung, Maria Hsia, and Charlie Trie etc., all raised money for the
Democratic party. ...." George Lin

(5) Thanks for the message. It's timely, informative and appropriate.
Henry J Lee

(6) Very good message. This message should be repeated often.
Chinese are not uninterested in politics. Thousands of years of palace
Intrigue have taught us to be very astute at it. However, the lesson
learned is not suitable for the modern US scene. Chinese learned
politics as a self-centered and individual-oriented art. What can my
contribution do for me and which politician I should become buddy
with? We have not learned that there are certain things only a group
can do. Politicians and emperors come and go. Selfish interest and
ambition do not protect our public good. My two cents worth of
additional remarks. Larry (Larry Ho is 80-20's Treasurer)

(7) I like reading your messages all the time. Thanks for your effort.
I agree that politics must be learned. For new comers like me & many
of my friends this is an urgent thing. For example, the John Huang's
case was not known to me and your two lines were not enough for me
to comprehend. Can you or someone run a few stories (examples) on
what happened and what can we learn from past mistakes as a
community? I know many of my friends want to be more active than
passively following. Anything along this line would be good.
S. Joe Qin, Associate Professor and Quantum Chemical ....

(8) For the benefit of most of us, please print the federal
contribution rules and ways to account for and prevent the future
mistake. Jay Junekun Choi

(9) Hi, I like your message. Keep up with the good work.
HT Tien, Professor, Michigan State University

(10) ... More seriously, your reminder that Asian Americans should
be extra careful in making political donations is very well taken. ..
James C. Hsiung, Professor of Politics

(11) This is USA politic. We can gain political clout w/o BRIBING our
politicians for favors. DVD

(12) In 1999, Michael Hsing in NJ informed me that his company
donated money to Torricelli or his party at some big convention
(forgot the details). Then T. wrote a rousing letter, which I read, to
Hsing supporting the cause of the plight of victims of Japanese
tyranny. It was at the height of our trying to push the Feinstein
bill. So I organized a group to go to Washington to drum up support
from the aides of some sympathetic members of Congress, & Torricelli
was on my list. I was surprised that I was able to get an appoint-
ment to see his chief of staff (she) so easily. When we got there, she
asked for the purpose of the visit. (I thought she understood it.) I
showed T.'s letter and the group showered her with book, pamphlets,
letters, package on Comfort Women. She read the letter and then
ponderously replied: "I don't know how committed Sen. T. is to
this." So we left with hopes of an ally.

What happened next was a big black hole. Lesson learned -- Some
politicians say things that people like to hear to get their money or
votes. So what else is new? JJ

(13) Great to see you have the talent and patience to educate us, the
Chinese American, in participating in mainstream politics.

Those who got into trouble in your report were behaving in very
traditional Chinese way. "To buy influence". ... Dennis T. Su

Breaking News!
According to " Although the Congress ultimately approved the use of the nation's military forces against Iraq yesterday, all six voting Asian Pacific Americans Members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate voted against the resolution."