Wednesday, July 03, 2002

A Special July 4th Message

The nature of 80-20's mission -- to fight society's discrimination against you and win equal opportunity for you -- compels 80-20's e-mail messages to dwell almost exclusively on the negative aspects of America. Hence, 80-20 would be remiss if it doesn't use the occasion of July 4th to celebrate what is right about America.

Two features of American benefit most of us greatly.

First, when compared with other nations, America is the mostopen to and inclusive of immigrants. That so many of us are here provides the best proof.

Secondly, America is the land of opportunity. Not all of us are rich and famous. Many of us have faced the glass ceiling. However, what better proof is there in acknowledging our "land of opportunity" than that most of us are living well?

80-20 wants to use this occasion to express our collective thanks to the nation and urge all to be patriotic.

Loving America, however, is not equivalent to always agreeing with our government, our officials or our President -- a concept that is not familiar to many of us. Officials and presidents come and go. Our government is but a tool to serve us. If you don't agree with a given policy, feel free to speak up. You are a part of America. You have the right to give your vision of America.

It is the nation, the American people as a whole and our constitution, to whom we owe our gratitude, respect and dedication. Indeed, the freedom of expression is one of the great blessings of liberty that we enjoy as Americans.