Wednesday, July 10, 2002

80-20's Flag Project Spreading like Prairie Fire

When 80-20 started the Flag Project a year ago, individuals responded, but few groups did and "seas of flags" were rare. This year? Significant improvement! Even
the mainstream media have reported on "seas of flags'" created by 80-20 supporters:

Oakland Tribune -- Patriotism Will Fly High in Chinatown "When almost 200 volunteers finish placing American flags high and low around 11 blocks of Oakland's Chinatown .... the place will look like a sea of red, white and blue. ...."

Dallas Morning News -- Asian American Unfurling Patriotism "Chinatown might be the last place you'd expect a sea of red, white and blue flags this holiday. But there they are. ...."

How encouraging. This kind of news coverage helps to erase our foreigners image. Acting in unison is power!!

Here is a summary of what has happened nationwide in the
Flag Project that 80-20 initiated:

Number of Volunteers turned out: an estimated 400

Number of flags Distributed: 4900 paid for by 80-20, 3000 paid for

By Oakland Consolidated Chinese Association (Presided by Richard Mak), and an estimated 150 large flags paid for by merchant organizations in various cities.

Number of Radio Stations Broadcasting 80-20\222s Ads for a week:


Media Attention: Associated Press, San Francisco Chronicle, Dallas Morning News, Houston Press, San Jose Mercury, The Straits Times (Singapore), Lansing State Journal of Michigan, many radio interviews, coverage by a number of TV stations, and numerous articles in the ethnic media.

Cities That Sponsored a Bigger Program Than Last Year: Almost every city did better but particularly Dallas, Oakland, SF Chinatown, San Jose Japan Town, San
Jose Vietnamese community, NY Chinatown, Brooklyn, Flushing (New York), Cleveland, Lansing (Michigan), and Monterey Park.

A Sea-of-Flags Picture You MUST See:

Articles You May Want to Read in full:

a) Asian American Group Wants Stars and Stripes Waving All Over On July Fourth -- by Deborah Kong, Associated Press Minority Issues Writer.

b) Patriotism Will Fly High In Chinatown -- by Laura Casey, Oakland Triune staff writer.

c) Asian Americans Unfurling Patriotism -- by Esther Wu, Columnist for The Dallas Morning News.

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