Thursday, December 06, 2001

$55,000 Raised & Touching E-mails

Thanks to all of you, in one month, 80-20 raised $55,000 by recruiting hundreds of dues-paying members. Note, however, that not all of our big donors are rich. See below how some of our supporters sacrificed themselves to accomplish "Together, we shall overcome."

From Seattle, Mei-Ling Wu Hsu, enrolling as Life member, e-mailed: "Yes, I would like to help. But under the current circumstances, I am not able to come up with the lump sum of the money, not even $500 at a time. If you would, I could do monthly contribution of $50 for two years to become the life member. I am a single mother. Would you consider it? Thanks."

From a lady: "Dear Prof. Woo, thank you for all the information about 80-20. As I am over 80 and in retirement, I can only be a due-paying member of this project. I shall send my check to Prof. Wong today. Aili"

From Stella Yu of Denver, CO, who sent in $2,000 and pledged another $3,000: "Since you are doing all the work and the thinking, money is the least that I can contribute. $5000 is a lot for me on a City government employee wages, but I will be happy to do it if I can contribute in installments. .... Denver respects cultural diversity in its public and employment policies and I get to contribute as an Associate Director (in the Office of Art, Culture & Film). I want other Asians to have that opportunity."

There are other role models. Some simply sent in checks, large or small. Others gave not only money but encouragement:

From K.P. Chen: "I did make a $50.00 contribution today... proud to be an 80-20 ers... Thanks for the opportunity to be in a triple winning team.... US wins, 80-20 wins, I win as well... KP"

From David Yao of Yorktown Heights, NY : "I'll send in a check of $1500 first thing tomorrow. 80-20 has done a marvelous job. I salute you in particular for the time and effort you've put into the organization and the cause. Happy Holidays, David Yao"

80-20's membership drive was helped greatly by Ken and Pam Fong who enrolled as Honorary Life Family members for $10,000. May So and Stella Yu enrolled as Honorary Life members, at $5,000 each. Seven other couples enrolled as Life Family members at $1,500 each. Eleven others enrolled as Life members at $1,000 each. These names are on permanent display on 80-20's web site:

You can be a member today using a credit card, visit,
or pay with a check, payable to 80-20 PAC, and mail to:
Professor Chun Wa Wong
3780 Keystone Ave.
Suite 106
Los Angeles, CA 90034-6363

"Together, we shall overcome" is a profound principle but an empty slogan, unless you put your shoulder to the wheel. Counting on you.

**** Special Note for 80-20 Supporters in NY/NJ ****

Please mark your calendar for 12/14/01 (Friday). 80-20 wants to organize a strong APA political org. in NYC. S.B. Woo will be in NYC to talk about it. He'll be the keynote speaker at OCA-NY chapter's 25th Anniversary Gala, when he’ll be honored with the "Visionary Award."

Place: Harmony Palace Restaurant, 98 Mott St., NY, NY
Time and cost: 6 p.m. ; $60.00 per person

-------- Paid for by 80-20 PAC, Inc. --------

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80-20 is a national nonpartisan Political Action Committee dedicated to winning equal opportunity and justice for all Asian Pacific Americans through a swing bloc-vote, ideally directing 80% of our community's votes and money to the presidential candidate endorsed by the 80-20, who better represents the interests of all APAs. Hence, the name "80-20" was created. For more details, visit