Monday, November 26, 2001

Money talks. Make it talk for us.

Money talks. If 80-20 raises a lot of $$$ through your help, our dream for first class citizenship will become A reality in a few years. Why? Because money talks loudly in politics.

Funds raised will be spent on political education and persuasion in the 2004 presidential election. It includes persuading presidential candidates to take pro-Asian American positions, getting AAs to register and vote, organizing a bloc vote in the general election, and paying our staff. Steering Committee members are not paid.

Make your money talk for you and your children, as only an organization like 80-20 can. Whatever the amount you contribute, it'll probably be the most effective money you've ever given politically.

You can be a member today using a credit card. Click here.

or pay with a check, payable to 80-20 PAC, and mail to:

Professor Chun Wa Wong
3780 Keystone Ave.
Suite 106
Los Angeles, CA 90034-6363

1. Basic (1 vote) -- $35
2. Family (for couples only, 2 votes) -- $50
3. Life** -- $1000
4. Family life** (couples only, 2 votes) -- $1,500
5. Honorary Life** -- $5,000
6. Honorary Family** (couples only, 2 votes) -- $10,000
** Membership names in permanent display on 80-20's web site.

Join today. We want to let the political world know not only the amount we can raise, but also the speed with which we can raise it. Counting on you! 
SB :-)

- - Paid for by 80-20 PAC, Incorporated - - -

80-20 is registered with the Federal Election Committee (FEC). Its books have been audited at the most stringent level by O'Brein, Fitzgerald, Taylor, and Keaveney, P.C. of Boston, MA. Contributions to a PAC are not tax deductible. Both US citizens and permanent residents may contribute.

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80-20 is a national nonpartisan Political Action Committee dedicated to winning equal opportunity and justice for all Asian Pacific Americans through a swing bloc-vote, ideally directing 80% of our community's votes and money to the presidential candidate endorsed by the 80-20, who better represents the interests of all APAs. Hence, the name "80-20" was created. For more details, visit