Monday, October 22, 2001

Great News to Serve You Better

To serve you better, 80-20's Steering Committee has adopted policies that will make 80-20 an organization that is ruled by its own bylaws, democratic and transparent, all within one year.

Such changes are normally not easy to come by without external pressure. That 80-20's leadership volunteered to take on such a sea change is a measure of its dedication to serve you.. It is great news for you and your children.

Within one year, 80-20 will be:

  • having leaders who will be more representative (owing to elections) and more dedicated (owing to bylaws that require performance of duties by elected directors and officers or face forced resignation or impeachment),

  • financially stronger with a stable income from membership dues,

  • politically stronger, because of the above factors, and

  • therefore, in a better position to win equal opportunity and justice for you.

Please read the following press release describing key decisions made by 80-20's Steering Comm. in its meeting in Washington D.C. on 10/20-21. Be sure to read at least its first paragraph. If you want more details, visit our web site. Or you can wait; important details will be e-mailed to you in the next few days.

For Immediate Release
Contact Person: S. B. Woo (302 366-0259)

80-20's Steering Committee concluded a meeting, held in Washington D.C. on October 20 and 21. Its major decisions include (1) the institutionalization of 80-20, (2) exploring ways to unseat elected officials who unfairly attack the Asian Pacific American (APA) community, (3) establishing an endowment of at least $5 million, and (4) adding 2 members to the Steering Committee.

Peter Suzuki, Chair of the Bylaws Committee and former national President of the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA) said: "Our bylaws aim to make the 80-20 Initiative an organization that is ruled by law, democratic and transparent. Here is how democratic the organization will be. Within one year, the initial Steering Committee will be replaced by nationally elected officers and a board of directors. What is more, every elected position is term limited and is required to have at least two candidates. The last requirement is extra-ordinary because it makes every election truly competitive."

He also said, "To make our organization transparent, the criteria and procedure of 80-20's endorsement process for the next president of the US is spelled out in detail in Article 7 in our bylaws." A copy of the said bylaws is available at .

S. B. Woo, a Steering Committee member and former Lt. Governor of Delaware (1985-89) said, "It's a gigantic advance in the political maturity of the APA community, when our Steering Committee approved exploring ways to unseat politicians who denigrate our community for political expediency.

Sometimes that is the only way to pass an effective message to politicians. 80-20 shall be extremely judicious. We will not exercise such a severe form of censure unless the politician deserves it and that we have a reasonable chance to unseat him/her. In the 2002 election, many congressional districts have 20% or more APA constituents. That fact makes 80-20's newly adopted strategy viable."

The Steering Committee also approved preparation to drive for a $5 million endowment fund. Larry Ho, 80-20's Treasurer and a Harvard professor of Applied Mathematics said, "80-20 has a tough job. First, it serves a community that is very diverse in cultural and ethnic background. Secondly, it operates in the rough-and-tumble world of politics where vicious attacks and rumors are commonplace. These are disruptive forces that 80-20 must handle daily. A significant endowment will help stabilize 80-20. I hope the well-to-do folks in our community will have the wisdom to step forward to fulfill this need."

Jenny Yang of Houston, TX and Shaie-Mei Temple of New Orleans, LA were elected Steering Committee members. Jenny Yang was a recipient of 80-20's "Great Doer Award." Shaie-Mei Temple was a delegate to 80-20's Endorsement Convention of last year.

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80-20 is a national nonpartisan Political Action Committee dedicated to winning equal opportunity and justice for all Asian Pacific Americans through a swing bloc-vote, ideally directing 80% of our community's votes and money to the presidential candidate endorsed by the 80-20, who better represents the interests of all APAs. Hence, the name "80-20" was created. For more details, visit