Thursday, October 04, 2001

80-20 Going To Bat For You

"Communication is power." That point was vividly made by 80-20's last e-mail, entitled "Heroism & Fear Related to 9/11." Besides sending the message to you, 80-20 also sent it to 50 prominent mainstream reporters -- a rare 80-20 practice. 80-20's purposes were:

(1) To spread words about Zhe Zeng's heroic act to the community at large. Up till that time, the mainstream media had NOT reported on how heroically Zeng has volunteered his service to his new found nation, and
(2) To remind the mainstream media that not only Arab Ams. but also Asian Ams. live under the FEAR of unjustified internment, as befell Japanese Ams.

Both aims were achieved. 80-20 is proud to report to you below, how it went to bat for you and your children and made things happen.

(A) On Zhe Zeng's heroic and selfless act:

Yesterday, Jane Leung Larson who saw 80-20's e-mail to reporters, e-mailed 80-20: "... I talked to Zeng's manager at the bank who said that several mainstream journalists had contacted her recently. ... Maybe thanks to you, we'll see the story in more media."

Today (10/3), the NY Times covered Mr. Zeng's heroic act, with a picture of him:

Completely Selfless Person'

Zhe Zeng was safe. The first plane struck the north tower as he was leaving the Brooklyn Bridge subway stop, and he could have stayed in his Barclay Street office, blocks away from the carnage, at the Bank of New York, where he was project manager for American depositary receipts.

But Mr. Zeng, 29, who was known as Zack, was also a certified emergency medical technician, and after stopping by his office for some supplies, he plunged into the maelstrom of dust and ash. A news video broadcast later that day showed him working, still in his business suit, over a prostrate form. But he has not been seen since.

"It didn't surprise anybody who knew him," said Peggy Farrell, his supervisor. "He was a completely selfless person. He was just someone who would automatically volunteer his assistance. To me it was a truly heroic display.""

What a moving story to illustrate APA patriotism! We trust a few more, maybe many more, mainstream media will use the story.

Some 80-20 supporters, moved by Mr. Zeng's sacrifice, e-mailed 80-20 asking how to send money to his mother. If you want to make a contribution, please e-mail us for her address.

 (B) On Preventing Future Internment:

80-20's e-mail to journalists asked reporters to research the Korematsu Decision of the Supreme Court upholding the constitutionality of interning Japanese Americans purely on account of their race. That Decision has never been reversed and provides a precedent for the future internment of other politically weak minorities such as Arab Ams. and APAs, not to mention permanent residents, immigrants and tourists.

Many articles has since appeared in the mainstream press. Almost all criticized the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII and mentioned explicitly the Korematsu Decision, either coincidentally or owing to 80-20's suggestion.

80-20 is exploring the possibility of spending its political capital to get either the Executive or the Legislative or the Judiciary branch, or combinations of the above, to take an action whereupon no ethnic group of US citizens may ever again be placed in internment as a group. Individuals who are proven disloyal to the US may of course be interned. If you are a legal or political expert and know what kind of action is needed, please e-mail Thank you.

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