Monday, July 09, 2001

A Giant First Step

Thanks to all of you, our FLAG project was a great success as a first try. It generated a lot of positive images for the APA community (See details below). It also won great accolades for 80-20.

The World Journal, the largest paper in the Ch-Am community, published an editorial on July 4th: "FLAG Project Effective .."

".... In the past, proposals from APA organizations rarely
induce visible response from the community. They seemed
like the "solo" performances of the elite. But this flag
project has excited our community. Buying flags, selling flags,
and giving away flags have become the fashion. ..."

What better proof is there that 80-20 is a unique grass-roots organization?

Sing Tao Daily, the second largest paper in the Ch-Am community, stated:

"... Asian Americans will become first-class citizens when the
mainstream stops doubting us. This FLAG project is just a
too lovely strategy."

Please visit for the editorials, pictures of our grass-roots enthusiasm in action and "seas of flags." Digitized video tapes will be available later. The URLs for the editorials are: (World Jrnl) (Sing Tao)

In the rest of the e-mail, we list (1) Positive Coverage in Mainstream Media, (2) Locations with Significant FLAG Activities, (3) Episodes That Tightened My Throat, and (4) Areas Needing Improvement in the Future.

 (1) Positive Coverage in Mainstream Media (those known to us):

NY Times
LA Times
Boston Globe
Plain Dealer, Ohio
Newsweek Magazine (Web version)
South China Morning Post, Hong Kong
ABC, Philadelphia
KCRA/NBC Sacramento
FOX TV, Houston
Nat'l Public Radio, N. CA

 2. MAJOR Locations where organizations participated (Individual homes with flags are not included in this list):

 NYC, New York
Las Vegas, Nevada
Washington, D.C.
Phoenix, Arizona
Cleveland, Ohio
Boston & Wellesley, MA
Dallas and Houston, Texas
 Finally, the Great State of California:
San Francisco, Oakland, Fremont, Milpitas, Cupertino, Los
Angeles and Monterey Park

 3. Episodes That Touched My Heart:

 "Our day began with planting and flying flags in Chinatown area. 1000 small flags were planted along the esplanade (walkway) and 2' x 3' flags were hang between light poles in a shopping center. While we were working on it, some passers-by showed their support by honking or raising their thumbs. Some liked the flags so much that they either asked us for a flag or were willing to take a risk of having an accident and stop in the middle of the traffic while swiping a flag off from the esplanade."
 - Jenny Yang, who spearheaded the Houston effort

 "It was worth the blisters and sweat for Kitipot and me!"
- Pat and Kitipot Charnveja who helped plant the 100 flags.

 "American Flags all over Boston's Chinatown!!!" - Perry Fong

 "American flags in Chinatown are hung or taped to street lights, mailboxes, green and gold pagoda-topped red Verizon payphones -- literally anything that doesn't move." - wls

 "To your colleagues & Mr. Woo,
 Hats off to you,
 Americans True,
 For Sharing With Others,
 Some Red White and Blue." - a poem from James Villa

 "Lower Rancho, Acadia, CA. A flag in front of every lawn"

 "We won the ‘MOST PATRIOTIC SPIRIT’ Award in the Fremont Parade."
- Garrett Yee, President, CBC

 Title of Boston Globe's article on the FLAG Project:
"Embracing Independence"

 Title of the Newsweek article:
"We Are Americans, Too"

 Title of NY Times article:
"Independence Fete in Chinatown"

Will such coverage improve our image? You be the judge.

(3) A Long, Long Way to Go

Thus far we have pockets of "seas of flags" only. We must persist. We must have more non-Ch-Am organizations join us the next time. If we get so much good publicity this time, after just a 4-week campaign, image what we could get next time. In five to six years, our image will improve greatly.

Again, thank all of you so very much.
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 80-20 is a national nonpartisan Political Action Committee dedicated to winning equality and justice for all Asian Pacific Americans through a swing bloc-vote. For more details, visit [Visit our new "Discrimination Watch"]