Tuesday, July 03, 2001

Exciting News on the Flag Front

Many exciting things are happening on the flag front. It has substance and image; evidence of growing unity in the APA community, and with that growing political clout.

1. NEWSWEEK has an article on 80-20's flag project in its newest web issue.

Its title is "We are Americans too" -- exactly the message that 80-20 wants to pass to America. See www.newsweek.com and scroll down to "We're Americans Too."

2. ABC, Philadelphia will air the following in the evening on July 4th:

"In the taping was a Vietnamese, Filipino, Asian Indian, Chinese, and a South Pacific Islander, all in their home country attire and all holding an American flag."
Skip Voluntad, Pan Asian Association of Greater Philadelphia.

The shoot will give just the substance and image we want.  We are proud of our own heritage, and are loyal citizens of America.

3. An NBC affiliate, gave us 30 sec in San Francisco, and almost 3 minutes in San Diego, interviewing Tim Chen, one of two full-time 80-20 staff, featuring 80-20's flag project.

4. A Sea of Flags in Houston

80-20's Houston Chapter resolved to "plant 1000 small flags (8" x 12") in the esplanade (walkway) in part of Chinatown on July 4."

5. Republican Nat'l Comm Chair, James Gilmore stated:

Chairman Gilmore was in Silicon Valley, CA having a meeting with APA Republican leaders when he was asked by a reporter concerning 80-20's flag project. He stated that he supported it and thought the idea should spread to all other ethnic group and make it a national movement for a renewed patriotic move. John Tsu, an elder statesman in the APA Republican circle was also present. This was reported in the World Journal.

6. More Media Coverage:

Voice of Am., and Orange County Registry, having the nation's 26th largest circulation, contacted 80-20 to seek an interview regarding our flag project.

The World Journal gave Page A1 coverage to 80-20’s flag project.

7. Some "Returns" Are Already In

"Just to report: Drove past Chinatown in DC yesterday (7/1) and already, some of the flags are up. Good job!"
Myrna Watanabe, a resident of Connecticut who happened to drive past D.C.
Please e-mail 80-20 to tell us what you will have seen in your neighborhood on July 4th. We'll build on what we have, the fruits of a 4-week campaign only, to ensure that there will be seas of flags across the nation in areas identified with Asian Pacific Americans. It takes an image to replace and image. Together, we shall overcome.

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80-20 is a national nonpartisan Political Action Committee dedicated to winning equality and justice for all Asian Pacific Americans through a swing bloc-vote. For more details, visit http://www.80-20initiative.net