Tuesday, June 19, 2001

It Takes Image To Solve Our Image Problem

Creating seas of flags on July 4th in well-known APA localities, and flying a flag in front of your own house wherever you may live, is catching on faster than 80-20 has anticipated. See the great response from everywhere, particularly in Calif. where 40% of APAs reside.

1) Community Response
 The incoming president of Oakland, CA's equivalent of "Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Society" -- well-established, fairly conservative business association composed of 13 organizations, Mr. Mok stated publicly that he selected 80-20's flag project as his immediate top priority project and promised a sea of flags in Oakland's Chinatown.

 In addition, two large well-established and respected organizations, Chinese American Political Assoc. (CAPA) of East Bay, CA and Citizens for a Better Community (CBS) of Fremont, CA are presenting plans to their respective boards to support the flag project on July 4th.

 Immediate past Commander of The American Legion Post of Chinatown, NY, Frank Gee, e-mailed to let us know that his Post will be putting up flags in Chinatown, NY.

 Am. Legion Post 50, Phoenix, AZ may be supporting out flag project through the help of Edward Yue.

 Simon Cheng of Cupertino is working with his community association to get its 400 households to fly flags.

2) Media response
 The World Journal's West Coast edition which circulates in CA, OR and WA give 80-20's flag project top headline coverage twice last week in page B1, plus a number of articles and a very supportive commentary by a popular columnist, the Gold-Mountaineer. The World Journal is the large nat'l newspaper in the Ch. Am community.

 Two radio stations in LA, KWRM 1370 and KAZN 1300 are broadcasting 80-20's call to fly a flag on July 4th as a public service to the community. In addition, the stations are doing hours long interviews centered about the 80-20's flag project.

 TV stations in SF are covering 80-20's flag project.

 Cherie M. Querol Moreno, Publisher and Editor of Philippines Times e-mailed to promise "passing the word."

 Chun Wa Commetary, a paper published by The Vietnamese-Cambodian-Loatian Association of Ethnic Chinese promoted 80-20's flag project as a top headline on its June 15, 2001 issue. The Association will soon be an Affiliate of 80-20.

 The Daily Breeze, a community paper in Greater LA, promoted 80-20's flag project.

 The Plain Dealer of Cleveland, Ohio, a mainstream paper, is interviewing 80-20 about its flag project. The arrangement is made via the good office of Ray Chen, editor, Asian America News of Ohio.

 Indian Am and Filipino Am supporters are contacting radio stations in Houston, TX and Chicago IL respectively to make announcements of 80-20's flag project.

 Don't get us wrong, we are not expecting seas of flags all over the nation this July 4th. Before installing a flag holder on a brick store fronts, landlord permission to drill, city ordinance, and building codes are all practical problems that need to be solved. However, there is no doubt in our mind that in 3 years there will be seas of flags on July 4th in Little Saigon/ Chinatown/ Little India/etc. Doubts about our loyalty as citizens will decrease. Together, we shall overcome.

Please do your part.

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 80-20 is a national nonpartisan Political Action Committee dedicated to winning equality and justice for all Asian Pacific Americans through a swing bloc-vote. For more details, visit http://www.80-20initiative.net