Thursday, June 07, 2001

80-20 to Invest $50K to Erase APA's "Foreigners" Image

What if? What if, it were known across America that there were more flags on display in Koreatown/Chinatown/Little Saigon/Japantown ... on Independence, Memorial, and Veteran Days? What if, ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC picked up on it and routinely used those "seas of flags" as photo opportunities or special write-ups during our national holidays?

Will most of our compatriots still think of us as foreigners? No way!
 Can we turn this vision into reality? Yes, if we each do our share!
 80-20's Steering Comm. has appropriated $50,000 to propagate this symbolic message to America. As a start, APAs in CA and NY will soon hear a 30-sec radio ad in English, Korean, Vietnamese, and Chinese. TV ads will follow.

***************** Draft Script for 30-sec radio ad *************

 Grandson (age 10): "Grandpa. My schoolmates think I'm a foreigner.
They said all people from Asia are foreigners."

 Grand Pa (age 75): "Sigh! It's a perception that will harm your
quality of life and career. But I don't have a way to
change it. I am sorry, grandson."

 Granddaughter (age 16): "I have a way! 80-20 says people will realize
that we are Americans, if they routinely see seas of flags in
Chinatown/koreatown/Japantown on Independence
Day. I just bought a flag. It costs 10 bucks."

 Grandpa: "Humm, interesting! Let's hang a flag in front of our house
AND our shop on July 4th. A visible, symbolic message changes
people's perception subconsciously. I agree with 80-20."

 Announcer voice: "Fly a flag on July 4th. Paid for by The 80-20 PAC."


Want to read unsolicited e-mails supporting 80-20's "Little Things We Can do to Erase the "Foreigners" Image"?

A partial collage is shown below. Note that strong support came from every ethnic sector in the APA community.


 That's a wonderful idea! It's a shame it's needed, but a great idea
 anyway. Andy Park

 I like your suggestion and everyone should do it. Hanging a flag
 of the place or country you live in should be a natural phenomena.
Harilal Patel

 I agree with you and we are also doing just that. Spencer Sakai

 Only ignorant Americans (a small minority) think bad thoughts about
 any of their fellow Americans. However, your flag idea is a great way to
 reinforce the case that we are all in the same boat!! James Villa

 Thanks for the reminder. We will hang the flag outside our house.

 I will definitely do that for the coming July 4th. These are perhaps
 the little things that I have neglected over the years. Alex

 I will buy a flag for my house after work. Thank you. Keep up your
 great work on behalf of our community. Here's some good news. Did
 you hear about my father's mayoral election here in West Windsor, NJ?
 He beat the incumbent by the widest margin in history of our
 town. -Steve Shueh

 Good suggestion. As matter of fact, I do as a Korean-American. Thanks.
Thy Tim

 I am so impressed with your e-mail that I forwarded it to 20 fellow
 Asian American who have successfully overcome the barrier of
 prejudice and became a highly successful member of this WASP
 dominated society. Keep Up the Nobel work! Steven Sohn

 Gettin' a flag is a great idea! Thanks for the suggestion. Jon Wu

 I am for 80-20 initiative. Thanks for organizing it. - yuet yeh

 Thank you for your service for Asian Americans. GOD who created this
 whole world will richly bless you and your service. Peter

 It's very challenging and encouraging when I receive your E-mail.
 Many of them are full of energy and positive thoughts. Please continue
 to do it. Asian Pacific Americans' future is holding in our own hands!
We need to be awaken in politics for ourselves as well as our children.
Janie Chien

 Yes, I'll definitely hang up and display the Stars and Stripes even
 though it isn't the 4th of July! About time I reminded them who's also
 an "American," .... Warren Chang

 Excellent suggestions! I must behave like a citizen of the United States
 before I expect others to recognize me as ones. Chuan-Fu Wu

 I just saw your email about flag idea. It is great. ...
Catherine Anderson from Omaha, Nebraska

 Rudy, Thanks for forwarding the article (i.e. 80-20s recent e-mail)
 The article has a great ending, "seeing US flags flying in China Town."
 Thanks. We, the American Pacific Asian are the most wonderful people
 the United States could have. We were taught in our youth" to be loyal
 to our country." Ming-je Pan

 That's a beautiful idea, thank you for sharing it with everyone.
Maya Rani Gupta

 That's a great idea. As the citizen of this country, we should be
 grateful for the independence the early American had fought for!. Reba

 I think the flag message is very important. ...parade ... And on the
 other side of the street, in a little knot, isolated, and looking very
 much as if they wanted to participate, was an APA family--clearly
 in front of their house. A flag on the house or the kids waving
 flags would have made a difference. Myrna Watanabe

* * * * * * * * * * *
 80-20 is a national nonpartisan Political Action Committee dedicated to winning equality and justice for all Asian Pacific Americans through a swing bloc-vote. For more details, visit