Monday, August 23, 2021

6 POLLS & Help Michelle Wu Win Boston Mayorship


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Help Michelle Wu Win Boston Mayorship
(Many of you have already read this section last Monday. If so,
go to the next section on "Polls" & then consider making a donation to her. )
    80-20 will only recommend an AsAm candidate to you, if we've studied and mostly approved of the candidate's
a) political career and activities,
b) his/her chance of winning the particular campaign, and
c) his/her personal & political value system.

    We are proud to strongly recommend to you Michelle Wu for the Mayorship of Boston. We think, if elected, her service to Boston will make all of us proud.

    Michelle has won city-wide elections 4 times as an at-large candidate for city councilor, topping the ticket in 2 elections. She was elected by her colleagues unanimously to be the council president in 2016 . “I am witness to Michelle’s grace under fire, in every single one of these (politically pressurized) situations,” said fellow Councilor Lydia Edwards who endorsed her to be the mayor, together with many experienced politicians in MA, including U. S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

    Right after Michelle had graduated from Harvard and married, she left her consulting job in Boston to go to Chicago to take care of her mother, who had a mental illness, and her two younger sisters. Michelle also had volunteered in Boston’s Chinatown, helping immigrants seeking citizenship. 

    For all of the above and more, click here to read a Boston Globe article about Michelle Wu as a candidate for Mayor. Today, Boston Globe published "A double standard for Boston’s acting mayor" about Kim Janey, who is Michelle's closest competitor in the mayoral race. Wow, what a positive break for Michelle.

6 Polls on the Boston Race

    View 6 polls starting from early April to late June. Click on Wikipedia "2021 Boston mayoral race" first, and then go to item 5.1 "Polling". Note that Michelle Wu had led her closest opponent Kim Janey, since polling started. Michelle led by 1 point when 46% of the voters were undecided. She still led by 1 point when only 22% were undecided. :-). All in all, it is a very close race. Please donate generously and/or volunteer to help her increase her lead. To see how AsAms nation-wide had responded greatly since last Monday, click here.


Help Her & Ourselves - Pass the $80.20 Message

    Michelle Wu will be facing a non-partisan primary on Sept. 14. We anticipate that she will emerge as 1 of the 2 winners. The 2 winners will face a run-off on Nov. 2. The 6 officers & board members of 80-20 Empowerment PAC have pledged to donate more than $5,000 to Michelle. As you know, 80-20's Board NEVER raises money for itself or others, without first donating to the same cause themselves - a necessary ethical standard.

    We strongly urge you to help! For DONATION to Michelle Wu click herePlease help her by donating $802.0 ($1,000 is the maximum allowed) or $80.20 or $8.02That way Michelle Wu will know that the donations come from 80-20 supporters who reward her for representing us well - our values and our political aspiration to be equal citizens. If you want to donate more than $80.20, simply donate $80.20 per week for a number of weeks. To mail a check, make it out to "The Wu Committee" and send it to P.O. Box 960782, Boston, MA 02109. If you live in Boston, click here to volunteer.

    Let me know, after you've donated. Together, we shall overcome.

To post your view, click here.

S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 22 years
80-20 Asian American Empowerment PAC,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)