Monday, September 14, 2020

AsAm Poll Result. Spread it!

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80-20 Poll Results - "Dump Trump" supported by 8 to 1

All of you received that poll. 20K opened that poll. We took the first 511 responses that came in. Results of Q1 & Q4, your key interests, are shown below. AsAms support the "Dump TrUmp" campaign by 8 to 1.

Q1) How Are you registered?
a. Republican  b. Democrat  c. Unaffiliated/ Independent  d. Other political affiliations  e. Not Registered 
Q4) Do you support 80-20’s recommendation to “Dump Trump”?
a. strongly support b. somewhat support c. neutral. d. somewhat against e. strongly against
Survey Results on Q2, Q3 and Q5

Q2) What is your position on race neutral college admission?
a. strongly for. b. somewhat for. c. neutral. d. somewhat against. e. strongly against
AsAms support "race neutral college admission by 4 to 1.
Q3) What is your position on supporting police?
a. strongly for b. somewhat for c. neutral d. somewhat negative e. strongly negative
AsAms are split 50-50 regarding supporting police.
Q5) Has 80-20 served you well?
a. strongly agree b. somewhat agree c. neutral d. somewhat disagree e. strongly disagree
The ratio (strongly + somewhat agree)/(somewhat + strongly disagree)=10.
Bursting a Bubble prevalent among WeChat Groups

A friend told me that the WeChat groups he belonged to were strongly pro-Trump. I told him that the outspokenness of the pro-Trump folks could mislead him. He disagreed. So we agreed to do a poll. With the permission of leaders of the WeChat groups, he did. Result? 100+ responded. They were 5 to 1 in favor of Biden. The reality is so very different from my friend's off-hand impression. Retrospectively, we also found that some of pro-trump folks weren't even registered.

Want to do a poll in your own WeChat group(s )? :-) Make sure that the participants are registered voters. 80-20 provide you with ways to find out the political truth. Truth empowers us.

is overpoweringly persuasive.

It was written by a Princeton Math. Prof., who was a young refugee from Romania, and published in Newsweek. He questioned the proponents of "race-preference in college admissions" and "equal outcome according to population %". Spread it to help your children.

Don't Preach to the Choir. SPREAD the Prairie Fire
To ensure that we actually shall dump Trump on Nov. 3rd, we need to focus on spreading this fire to WeChat groupsLinkedIn, Facebook and other social media outlets. Do it today.

Want to be in a DOCUMENTARY film shown to the Supreme Court? 

Our case against Harvard is in the First Circuit Court now. Win or lose, the case will likely be appealed to the Supreme Court. Any parent and/or student who feels discriminated by Harvard's admissions policy are urged to contact me. It is important for us to demonstrate with a DOCUMENTARY to the Supreme Court that real students are being penalized simply because we are Asian Americans. Stand tall, fight for us, and be recorded in history.

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S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 20 years
80-20 Asian American Empowerment PAC,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)