Tuesday, November 28, 2017

80-20 PAC 2017-18 Membership Drive - Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday: Give to Others and Help All of Us!
Do you want political action to help our youth to gain equal access to top universities?
Do you want political action to fend off prejudice and discrimination?
Do you want political action to break the glass ceiling that is still over us?
We hope you do. 80-20 Political Action Committee is fighting for you, and shouldn't you give by joining us today?

Happy Giving Tuesday!

Yin-Long Qiu, Co-coordinator, yinlongqiu@gmail.com

Kathleen To, Co-coordinator, kathto0311@gmail.com

80-20 PAC

P.S. On last Friday (11/24), 80-20 PAC sent out a ballot for the 2017 officer & board election to all dues-paying PAC members. If you did not receive the ballot, please check your spam box, promotions box, or social box. Please vote!