Saturday, January 28, 2017

Why our Children need 80-20 PAC!

Our Children Need 80-20 PAC
1. The higher admission standard our children 
must pass to enter top colleges needs to be 
2. Sterotypes against our children in their career choice 
needs to be abolished! Remember 
Jeremy Lin's NBA saga?
3. The glass ceiling they will face in their career needs 
to be shattered!
4. The 2016 election shows that we still have a long 
way to go in order to enjoy equal citizenship in the 
Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

So, we ask you to follow a good Asian tradition of the 
Lunar New Year celebration, to 
give a red envelope to your children by 
joining 80-20 PAC or even to get 
them a membership (if they are 18 or above), so that 
we can fight together for their bright future!


Yin-Long (YQ) Qiu
Co-Coordinator and V.P. in Charge of Chapters

Kathleen To
Co-Coordinator and Secretary

Jing-Li Yu