Tuesday, August 30, 2016

All about 80-20's Bloc Vote

Understanding 80-20’s Bloc Vote

[A] How 80-20 Nurtured the AsAm bloc vote

     Take a look at the table below.  All data came from the NY Times.

     There was a dip in the size of the bloc vote from +13 in 2000 to +9 in 2004.  Why?  In 2004, 80-20 only endorsed Kerry "with reservation".   Click here to verify that fact.  

     How come NOT a single Republican presidential candidate was endorsed?
Because NOT a single one answered 80-20's questionnaire.  Only FOOLS and those who are politically unaware would endorse a candidate without their written promise* to help AsAms. 

     80-20 is tough as nails.  Politicians who don't care for our rightful concerns: please review the ups and downs of the AsAm bloc votes and be ready to face the consequences.  Help 80-20 spread this message to the presidential campaigns. 

                                   [B] The power of a bloc vote

     See "Exit poll 2012: How the vote has shifted" published by The Washington Post.

                                         Group %          Obama          Romney
   RACE      White                72                   39                 59
                   African-Am       13                    93                   6
                   Hispanic          10                     71                 27
                   Asian                3                     73                 26

   UNION HOUSEHOLDS     18                   58                  40

     To illustrate the power of a bloc vote, let's calculate the margin of difference
that Asians had provided to Obama in 2012.  It was [3% x (73 - 26)] = 1.41 %.
How does that compare to what the union households did for Obama in 2012?   
The margin provided by unions is [18% x (58 - 40)] = 3.24%.

     Wow, Asians Ams with only 1/6 population of the union households were already delivering almost half as powerful a bloc vote to Obama.   Listen!  Do you want political clout to win equal rights?   Support 80-20 EC's decision on how to vote in 2016.

                              [C] The Making of a Bloc Vote Explained.

     A lot of people don't understand how 80-20 can deliver a bloc vote when 80-20's email list is only about 1/40 the size of the total AsAm vote.  Here is how.

     Let's say that you are attending a meeting of 2,000 persons. It's noisy. Everything is a bit confusing.  Then a motion, whose substance you are only somewhat aware of, but have not really formed a firm opinion about, is put up for a vote. 20 persons speak eloquently in favor of the motion.  5 persons oppose the motion but only do a so-so job.  Guess what?  There will be an 80% chance that the 2,000 will vote to approve the motion.  Note that 20 speakers represent only 1/100 of the voting individuals.  But, still, these 20 persons cause the 2,000 to pass the motion, voting 80 to 20.   

     80-20 plays the role of those 20 speakers with its huge email list and its political ads.  80-20 is extremely clear-headed about politics.  More importantly, it has a record of effective and selfless service to the AsAm community, which renders credibility to 80-20's e-newsletters and its political ads.

S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

How useful are the promises?  You be the judge.  Since 80-20 has gotten into the action, there have been: a) the large number of AsAm cabinet and sub-cabinet officials, b) the lifting of the glass ceiling in federal government jobs resulting in many more AsAms in SES (Senior Exec. Service) and grade G15 levels, and c) the tripling of life-tenured federal judges in the last 8 years.  In addition, the number of Appeals Court judges rose from 0 to 4, and 2 of them recently received national media attention as possible future Supreme Court Justices, and d) rules changes in DOJ to stop low-level investigative personnel from profiling Chinese Ams as possible spies.  To verify the above, click here and go to the bottom of the page, item 8: "President Obama's Record After His Election."
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