Monday, October 27, 2014

80-20's endorsement for this election

                                             80-20 Respectfully Recommends...


VOTE for all Democratic senators.  Hopefully, the AsAm vote may help maintain the Democratic majority in the senate. 

    WHY?  To thank the Democrats-controlled Senate for tripling the number of Asian Am life-tenured federal judges, nominated by Pres. Obama.  Additionally, we now have FOUR AsAm Appeals Court judges instead of ZERO.  A Supreme Court judge could be next.  Then, we'll never fear internment again.  Otherwise, the AsAm Supreme Court Justice will be interned too.

Q: Is this another evidence that 80-20 is a Democratic front?
A: "Reward the politicians who share our concerns, and punish those who don't" has always been 80-20's motto.  It's the most reliable ways to increaseAsAm political clout!   The Republicans need to do things for us first, before we'll reward them.  To illustrate, in 2010, when a California Republican  gubernatorial candidate, Meg Whitman, answered 80-20's questionnaire 
and her Democratic opponent, Jerry Brown, didn't, we  endorsed Meg Whitman !  80-20 is courageous and straight as an arrow.

                           CALIFORNIA (where 35% of the AsAms live):

VOTE for Republican Catharine Baker in the16 Assembly District race.  

     WHY?  Because the Silicon Valley Chinese Association, a good organization, strongly recommends it and has asked for 80-20's help.

VOTE for Chappie Jones in San Jose's 1st City Council District race.

     WHY?  To punish Paul Fong, who was UN-faithful to interests of AsAms, who are 28% of the constituents in his 28th Assembly district.  He didn't oppose SCA 5 when thousands of AsAms in his district appealed to him.  However, upon the death of SCA 5, he jumped out to claim credit.  Slick but shameless!
Q:  Why oppose an Asian Am candidate?
A:  First, why elect an AsAm politician who is UN-faithful to our interests?
Secondly, in politics, un-electing a politician is much more powerful than helping to elect one.  To illustrate, when the Jewish political organization AIPAC is credited for defeating a number of elected officials over the years, whenever AIPAC speaks, politicians listen!
As soon as SCA-5 was dead, 80-20 declared to UN-elect Sen.Leland Yee and Assemblyman Paul Fong for their neglect of our community'srightful interests.  Yee was already driven out of politics.  Help defeat PaulFong.  Together, we'll induce AsAm elected officials nationwide to be more
ACCOUNTABLE to our rightful interests!  It'll be a significant step!

S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National AsAm Political Action Committee, Inc.