Monday, January 27, 2014

Ying Yang is 80-20’s Executive Assistant

   Diana Ting, Special assistant to 80-20's president, has resigned effective Jan. 30, 2014 after 2 year of  service to 80-20. We thank her and wish her a great future.

   Ying Yang of San Diego has been recruited to be 80-20's Project Manager/Executive Assistant to the President. Her email address is

   Ying graduated summa cum laude from Boston University and she has been a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) since 2007. She has extensive work experience with Corning Inc., Countrywide Financial Corp., Wachovia Corp. and other companies. Ying has volunteered on various 80-20 projects since 1999, such as the 50000 signature campaign in 80-20's quest to break the admissions' barrier to AsAm students by first-tier colleges . We are delighted to have her talents on our team.

   Don't forget to donate to SELF. There is more than 1 million AsAm families with an annual income of $100k or more. If each of these families will donate $100/yr for 5 years, AsAm will be equal citizens the next moment. 80-20 think this is our responsibility to our children. If you agree, please do your share by donating via:

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(2) If you have pledged to donate to SELF but not sent in a check, please consider honoring your pledge BEFORE the this lunar year ends. Happy Lunar New Year to all.