Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Do your part to get us heard at the Supreme Court!

Dear Fellow Asian Americans and other Friends,

Have you ever known an Asian Am. organization that is as gutsy and faithful as 80-20 in serving your interest???

Or are we simply delusional? The single person, who anonymously posted ~40 negative messages on the EF blog, claimed the silent 15 million AsAms are with him, secretly longing for race conscious college admissions. 50,000+ survey participants DO NOT count, he demanded, stop representing AsAms. His view, through his allies, would be registered with the Supreme Court as the voice of the AsAms if 80-20 does not file our brief advocating "race-neutral, merit-based" college admission. Do you now understand why AsAm interests are often short changed? The May 28 filing deadline is looming, are you willing to do your part? We can fight for your interest because we are financially supported directly by individuals like you. We do not take outside funding that can cloud our judgment.

Tell us you support our Amicus brief at the Supreme Court by joining 80-20 as dues-paying members, or tell us to stop.

Please join 80-20 TODAY. Go to
Or send your check to: 80-20 PAC, 13337 South St. #189, Cerritos, CA 90703
Family membership is $50 (two), individual $35, student $15.

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The 80-20 Collective Leadership