Thursday, February 09, 2012

Indian Americans Rose to Prominent Deanship Positions

Indian Americans Rose to Prominent Deanship Positions

Dear Fellow Asian Americans,

Deans are high visibility and influential positions in American universities. Asian Americans reaching to Deanship is a sure sign of breaking (or at least raising) the glass ceiling in academia. The recent appointment of Soumitra Dutta as the dean of Cornell University 's Johnson Graduate School of Management adds to a growing list of prominent Indian Americans serving as deans in renowned business schools. Some of his contemporaries include:

o Nitin Nohria, dean of the Harvard Business School
o Sunil Kumar, dean of the University of Chicago's Booth School of Business
o Dipak C. Jain, (former) dean of Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management
o Jaishankar Ganesh, dean of the Rutgers School of Business
o G. (Anand) Anandalingam, dean of Univ. of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business

With the growing importance of Asian economies, more Asian Americans are finding opportunities for upward mobility in today's highly competitive workplace because of their excellent education and experience with global perspectives. However, it will take a sustained collective effort from influential leaders and organizations in our community to raise the profile of Asian Americans in business, academia, and government that would lead to LASTING improvements in prospects for all Asian ethnic groups.

80-20 PAC is the leading organization building a strong group clout for ALL Asian Americans, including people of South Asian and Pacific Islander heritage. Ved Chaudhary, the 80-20 coordinator who happens to be of Indian descent, observed: "Officially, all Asian Americans are treated as one ethnic group in all US government branches. All laws and court decisions (for example regarding college admissions, equal opportunity and justice) apply equally to all Asian Americans. Thus all Asian
Americans and their future generations will equally benefit from the activities of 80-20. Therefore, people of South Asian and Pacific Islander heritage must also UNITE with and support 80-20. Remember, there is strength in unity!"

"YOU must be the change you wish to see in the world" — Mahatma Gandhi

Please join 80-20 TODAY. Go to
Or send your check to: 80-20 PAC 13337 South St. #189 Cerritos, CA 90703.
Family membership is $50 (two), individual $35, student $15.


o 80-20 gathered the data to construct and repeatedly publicized the
following chart, e.g. a full page Washington Post public Service ad.
The chart shows a very low GLASS CEILING over Asian Ams:

o Using this chart, 80-20 induced President Obama to promise
in the 2008 presidential election to help us break the GLASS CEILING.
Click on
to see Pres. Obama's written & signed promise to 80-20 Educational
Foundation in this regard.

o After Pres. Obama was elected, 80-20 turned Pres. Obama's promise
into the enforcement of a current law by the Labor Department on behalf
of Asian Ams. See a written promise by the Labor Department to enforce
Exec. Order 11246 in order to break the GALSS CEILING over us in work
places. Click on


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