Monday, June 15, 2009

Record Membership AGAIN!

Thanks to you, 80-20 sets membership records again.

At the end of last month, 80-20 had a larger membership than ITS ENTIRE 2007 roster, and established a 5-month record for a historic high.

By the middle of this month, 80-20 has a larger membership than ITS ENTIRE 2008 roster, and sets the 6-month record for a historic high. All those records were set during a weak economy!

Implications? (1) More Asian Ams. have confidence in 80-20, after seeing what 80-20 got done through the 2008 election. (2) Ultimately, however, the only lasing impact is "More Power to YOU!"

Each Asian Am. has relatively less political power than that of another average Am. In addition, our number is so much smaller than other groups. So, PLEASE, keep on joining. 80-20 would love to DOUBLE YOUR power by doubling its 2007 membership by year's end. Do you want to be "Equal Citizens NOW?"

What is required? It will require 6 more Asian Ams. deciding to practice Enlightened Self-Interest and join as dues-paying members each day.

Lead! Time is ripe. Join or donate. Others will follow.

Using a credit card, go Clink on the red button in the lower right page corner. Or send a check to 80-20 PAC, PO Box 22509, Philadelphia, PA 19110. 80-20 gets paid double for NEW members, owing to a NEW matching fund of $3,500.

Respectfully yours.

S. B. Woo
Acting Exec. Director (a volunteer), 80-20 PAC, Inc.

Woo's Foundation to 80-20 Educational Foundation (EF) $7,550
Anonymous to EF $3,500
S. B. Woo to PAC $3,500
Chung Yu Ting of Los Altos Hills, CA to PAC $1,000
Margaret Wong of Cleveland, Ohio to EF $1,000
Rowland and Benjamin Chang of Chicago, IL to PAC $405
Wei H. Sun of Chester, Ohio to EF $250
William L. Pak of West Lafayette, IN to PAC $250