Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Great News! Must read.

Our endorsement of Sen. Clinton Got Prominent Coverage
80-20 held a press conference in SF Bay Area on Jan. 18 to announce our endorsement of Sen. Clinton for the Calif. Democratic primary. Prominent leaders from many Asian Am. ethnic communities attended. 80-20 Board members Joel Wong and Frank Lee co-chaired
the press conference.

In the print media, the news was covered by a mainstream news outlet, the News Media Group in the Bay Area, which included Oakland Tribune (front page), San Jose Mercury and Contra Costa Times. Almost all ethnic media gave us very prominent coverage. The World Journal, Sing Tao Daily and the China Press helped spread the news nationally.

In the visual media, the endorsement was reported by Bay Area's KRON 4 (mainstream), KTSF 6 (Asian) & NTDTV 32 (Asian), each lasting about 2 minutes. To see the broadcasts of the first two channels, click on The videos are right on the Home page.

A Quote from the Clinton Camp, After our Endorsement

This quote came from The Oakland Tribune's front page article on 1/19/08: "Clinton campaign 
spokesman Luis Vizcaino said Friday that Sen. Clinton 'is honored to have the endorsement of 80-20. The Asian American and Pacific Islander community 
has a critical voice that will never go unheard when she is President. ' "

Our Ads are On The Air And In Print in California

To listen to 80-20's radio ads and see its newspaper ads (many in the front page) in California, click on You'll also see a time schedule when various ads in Asian American ethnic communities will come on line. THIS IS A MUST. You'll be proud of 80-20.

Invite Friends to Join the
Asian Americans For Hillary Movement

Email your friends to urge them to go for Hillary. Many have already done so. Then they proudly sent the positive responses of their friends to me. 80-20 salutes these great DOERS! Be a DOER! Do your share! It'll take this kind of effort from all of us to win a historic battle for
our children.

The Best Gives Without Being asked

Fighting a historic battle requires money. The good thing is that caring people stepped forth to help without being asked. They are:

Henry and Susie Liu: $1,500 Peter Wong: $1,500
Dongwei Zhu & Weihe Guan: $1,500
Kelvin Chen: $1,000 S. B. Woo: $1,000

We need everyone's help, in large or small amount. Please send
your check payable to 80-20 PAC, Inc. to my home
S. B. Woo, 5 Farm House Rd., Newark, DE 19711
Or use a credit card. Go to (easy to use)
or (Paypal)

Respectfully yours,

S. B. Woo
Member, Executive Committee, 80-20 PAC, Inc. &
Founding President of 80-20 Initiative.