Wednesday, January 24, 2001

Our Ultimate Goal & You. Please read!

Getting our elite appointed to the top positions in the federal government, though helpful, is not equivalent to winning equal opportunity in work places for all APAs.

80-20 is getting ready to help reach our ultimate goal – equal opportunity
in workplaces for all.

A successful outcome will benefit you, your loved ones and most certainly your grandchildren and beyond.  However, the road ahead will be long and hard, perhaps too long and too hard, unless you help.

A survey is being done to assess 80-20's ability to mount a successful
lobbying effort with the Congress.  We are looking for public hearings
by relevant Congressional committees on the glass-ceiling over APAs in the corporate world, academia, the media, state governments, ..., etc. 
We need you.  If at all possible, please participate in this survey.

The first part of the following provides background information, and the second part is the survey asking for "What You Can Do To Help."


In 80-20's Declaration to Presidential Candidates of 2000, it has four
requests.  The fourth dealt with appointment to top federal positions, a goal we have achieved.  The first three requests are:

1. To request the "Congress (to hold) public hearings regarding the
validity of the huge amount of statistical data strongly suggesting discriminatory
practices against Asian Americans in workplaces,"

2. To urge our President "to vigorously prosecute all cases of racial
discrimination against Asian Americans in the workplace," if Congressional
hearings confirm the prevalent existence of discrimination against APAs in workplaces.

3. To ask our President to use the power of his office "to induce the lifting of glass-ceilings so that Asian Americans will ... (substantially enjoy) equal opportunity to "rise to the top," within the president's first term."


80-20 has a number of strategic options in mind regarding a successful
lobbying effort.  However, 80-20 needs to know our strengths and weakness
before selecting an option.  That's why this survey is extremely important.

1.  I want to be involved in this lobbying effort which centers
on holding public congressional hearings by relevant congressional committees
on the glass-ceiling over APAs (visit congressional delegates, write letters,
make phone calls, give financially, ..., etc.)

Ans: Yes, I want to help.  My name is ___________, and I
reside in (name of state or Washington D.C.)

2. I have lobbied either the state legislature or the Congress before?

Ans: Yes/No (If yes, please specify whether state legislature or Congress or both.)

3. Please list the name of U.S. senators and Congress-person, whom you are willing to approach for supporting a Committee hearing in which he/she is a member:

Ans: Senator(s) : ____________________________.  

House of Representative(s) : ________________________________

Please specify the ones who know you by first name.


Return this survey today.  Together we shall overcome
Our children and grandchildren will thank you.

* * * * * * * * * * * * 

80-20 is a national nonpartisan Political Action Committee dedicated
to work for equality and justice for all Asian Americans.  For more
details, visit