Monday, May 21, 2007

Call To Action

The U.S. Senate is in the midst of an unprecedented attack on the basic rights of American citizens with close family members overseas. If passed, this bill will strip American citizens of their ability to sponsor any child who has reached age 21, bar citizens from ever sponsoring their siblings, and cut the quota for parents by half. This bill would also cancel sponsorship applications that American citizens have already filed and paid for over the past two years.

If America's enduring focus on family is abandoned, fewer talented and skilled people will want to come to a country that forces them to be separated from their families permanently. It has been the family unification feature in our immigration law that has built the foundation of our Asian American community today. Immigrant families thrive and prosper by members pooling their resources and caring for each other.

As Americans who remember and respect our immigrant roots, we strenuously protest this ill-conceived proposal that utterly disregards the contributions that immigrant families have made to this country throughout its history. It makes a mockery of the family values that we cherish and uphold.

Go to: to sign 80-20's Petition, strongly urging legislators to abandon this effort to eliminate family immigration categories, and we will not forget those in Congress of either party who vote to deny Americans our cherished right to reunite with our families.

Pass this to your friends and relatives and urge all Americans to voice your strong objections to this inhumane, unjust and anti-family proposal and its devastating consequences.

Kathleen To
80-20 PAC, Inc.