Wednesday, November 30, 2005

More power to you - Tax-exempt 80-20 EF Formed

Good News. 80-20 Educational Foundation, EF, . has just been
formed. Contribution to EF is tax deductible.. This will gives
YOU more options to win YOUR OWN equal opportunity & justice.

80-20 PAC, which has communicated with you over
the years will continue to take political actions e.g. endorsing a
presidential candidate and organizing a bloc vote. Hence, so far
as most AsAms are concerned, the formation of the EF
is just a legal sophistication to get the best use of our community's
limited financial resources. For more details see footnote.

See below for how having EF helps YOU. 80-20 EF may
accept tax-exempt contribution from

1) citizens and non-citizens in the form of money, stocks, bonds,
and bequests,
2) corporations and unions,
3) public and private foundations,
4) profit or non-profit or political organizations, and
5) state & federal governments.

Hence, please remember to use this added option, if
a) you annually give money to worthy tax-exempt causes near
the end of each year,
b) you serve on the Board of a foundation which gives money
to worthy tax-exempt causes annually, and
c) you have been a non-US- citizen. You may now donate money 80-20 EF.

Visit Tax-exempt
contribution to EF can be made through a personal or corporate
check and mailed to Kathleen To, 222 Calle Dos, Marble Falls, Texas, 78654.

Finally, we want to thank Andrew Wong, Lisa Le, Julia Wan,
Kathleen To, and CAPA, Chinese Am. Political Asso, for help in the formation of EF.

Prof. Larry Yu-Chi Ho of Harvard donated $5000 worth of stocks,
Woo's Foundation gave $2700, and a few other individuals gave
generously to EF. 80-20 PAC gave permission to EF to use its
marvelous email list. To one and all, THANK YOU.


S. B. Woo
The 80-20 Educational Foundation (NOT as the Pres. of 80-20 PAC)

Footnote: EF has the same goals (equal opportunity and justice) as
the 80-20 Political Action Committee, PAC, that you have always
known. However, EF and PAC use different approaches. EF focuses
on educational matters e.g. the July 4th Flag Project and the mass
emails which disseminate "what politics in America is all about." PAC
focuses on taking political actions e.g. the endorsement of political
candidates & is therefore not tax-exempt. The two orgs. have same
goals, use different methods to achieve the goals, and are
independent of each other.