Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Call To Action

Subject: Call To Action

TODAY, President Bush will see 4 Senate leaders asking for their
views on the next Supreme Court Justice.

TODAY, please fax (MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE) or email our political
leaders for TIMELY INPUT.

See the template fax below for the TOP 5 selections of Asian Am.
jurists in an 80-20 poll taken by more than 3500 AsAm activists.
Please fax if at all possible.

President George Bush: (202) 456-2461 Fax;
or ,
Sen. Arlen Specter: 202 228-1229 - Fax;
Sen. Bill First (R-TN): 202 228-1264 -F;
Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV): 202 224-7327 - F;
Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT): 202 224-3479 F;

Please USE YOUR OWN WORDS to give the following message:

Dear (President George Bush or Senator xxx):

May I nominate

Harold Hongju Koh, a Korean Am, Dean of Yale law School, having
served both Republican and Democratic Administrations,
Denny Chin, A Chinese Am., District Judge, Southern District of NY,
Anthony C.Ching, a Ch. Am, the first ever Solicitor General in AZ,
Ronald S. W. Lew, a Ch. Am, District Judge, Central Dist. Of CA, &
Robert A.Takasugi, Japanese Am., Senior District Judge, Central
District of California.

for your consideration as the next Supreme Court Justice?

Only 8 of the 839 judges in Federal courts are Asian Americans
(AsAms). The numbers speak. Qualified Asian Americans deserve
consideration. I support the campaign of "AsAm Coalition for Equal
Justice" (AACEJ), of which 80-20 is one member, to increase AsAm
representation in Federal Courts, including the Supreme Court.

Address #####

FAX it now. Kindly copy me in via & say: I DID MY
SHARE. TOGETHER, we shall overcome. Counting on YOU.