Friday, November 05, 2004


The following press release is self-explanatory. It certainly verifies the great support that 80-20 enjoys among the Asian American voters. In addition, 80-20 predicted 4 weeks ago that its endorsement of Kerry would cause the Kerry/Bush vote to change from the 43/36 reported by a national poll to at least 65/35 on election day. All of that came true! Thanks to your support, 80-20 has delivered two consecutive bloc votes. Together, we've achieved CONSIDERABLE political unity, which is great for our children. The following press release may attract considerable mainstream media attention.

For Immediate Release (Nov. 5, 2004)
Contact person: S. B. Woo (302 366-0259, 302 740-0050-c,, 866 FOR-8020)
Asian American Voters Bucked The National Voting Trend

President Bush did better against his opponent in 2004 than in 2000, nationally and in all race subgroups except for the Asian Americans, according to LA Times' national exit poll. Somehow, the Asian Americans bucked the national trend. See
The Latinos shifted towards Bush by 14 points; the Blacks by 9, the Jews by 7; & the Whites by 4*. However, Asian Americans shifted away from Bush by 5 points*, bucking the national trend. Why?

S. B. Woo, President of 80-20 PAC, Inc., the largest Asian American political action committee said, "This unique result is not an accident. It is a reflection of how much the internal political cohesion of the Asian American community has improved."
"We sent 8 pro-Kerry emails into the in-box of about 70% of our voters in the 4 short weeks after 80-20 endorsed Kerry. In terms of monetary value, sending 8 messages to 1.1 million families is worth $4 million dollars, using third class postal mail. If first class mails are sent, the cost doubles. A cyberspace organization can do all of that at practically zero cost. That is the effectiveness of 80-20," said Woo.

The Asian American community has traditionally been ignored by both Democrats and Republicans. The 80-20 PAC was organized in 1998 to correct that "benign neglect." 80-20 promises to deliver a swing bloc vote to the political party which most effectively serves the
Asian American community's rightful concerns. "

We could have delivered the votes to President Bush this year, if he and the Republican party had paid more attention to our needs. The Republican party probably didn't believe that 80-20 has the ability to deliver votes. After two consecutive deliveries of bloc votes, I hope both
parties will now compete to serve our legitimate needs. We don't want favorable treatment. We only ask for equal justice and equal opportunity in workplaces," said Woo.

80-20 was rated as one of the two most effective cyberspace political organizations in the 2000 election, in a book authored by three Syracuse University professors .
In 2000, the 80-20 PAC endorsed Gore, and delivered nationally "more than two of every three votes" to him, according to a very large national survey of how Asian Americans voted, partially sponsored by the National Science Foundation. . In 2000, the LA Times national exit poll agreed with the "NSF poll" within the statistical uncertainty.

*In 2004, the Bush: Kerry ratios were Whites (57:42); Blacks (14:86); Latinos (45:54); Jews (26:74) and Asians (34:64). In 2000, the Bush : Gore ratios were Whites (54:43); Blacks (9:90); Latinos (38:61); Jews (22:77) and Asians (37:62)