Sunday, February 01, 2004

Reader's Reaction To The Yao Ming Episode

80-20 received at least 150 positive e-mails from its Yao Ming series
of 3 emails. The reaction to the first mass email was mixed. After 80-
20's second e-mail, a typical response reads as 1) below. 80-20 is very
heartened by the great response from every corner of our nation.

1) A Typical Response: Hi Dr. Woo: Happy New Year! I just want
to congratulate you and your organization for the great job you have
done for the Asian community!! It's about time for the Chinese and the
Asian community as a whole to have a strong voice such as yours to
speak up for them. I have passed on information about 80-20 to all my
friends and associates and strongly encouraged them to join. We thank
you and appreciate for all you and your staff have done for the Asian
community. S. Ung

2) From Many Supporters: Chinaman is NOT analogous to Englishman
and Frenchman. Try calling them Englandman and Franceman, and
see how others will react. (Editor's note: A good point. Thank you.)

3) From a Korean American: My name is Jason Kwah. I am
an Asian Pacific American of Korean descent living in New York
City. I would just like to commend you for a job well done in
handling this incident. I'll admit that upon first hearing about it, I
thought it might have been blown a bit out of proportion. However,
you provided a thorough explanation that helped me understand the
importance of addressing this incident. I can also tell that it was
handled with a great deal of tactfulness and respect, given Steve
Kerr's genuine and heartfelt response. Thank you very much for all of
your hard work. Take care. Jason Kwah

4) From anonymous: Initially, I did not appreciate your emails. I
wondered why I was being sent these emails, and treated them as spam.
However, the story of Ling Sing was quite striking... and I read up more
about it on the internet. I still have mixed feelings about such issues
being publicized, because sometimes, as in this case, a person did not
know that the word "chinaman" was derogatory.. and indeed compared
to other terms like "n**ger", it does seem very mild.... but I am also
happy that you are taking this effort to make us all better informed. We
must be educated about the kind of tyranny and terrorism that was
inflicted upon non-white people in the past. anonymous

5) From Kerry Undell: I am not of Asian descent, being an anglo
american, and don't know why i got on your mail list . However i decided
to remain on it, in some form of support of your efforts. I have admired
your seeming integrity in support of Asian culture and community. I am
surprised that some americans would not know of the derogatory nature of
this term (Chinaxxx). However, Mr. Kerr seems to want to handle it in a
most appropriate manner. I pray you are able to continue as a positive
influence in the Asian global community. Kerry Undell

6) From Mick Pinckney: I have read everyone of your e-mails over the
past months and find them most interesting, informative, and most of all
on target. However I must tell you that i'm not Asian .but have spent a
lot of time in Asia and have great respect of the people. I think we can all
learn a little something and I feel i learn something from each of your
updates. Would like to continue to receive your updates. but if by myself
not being of Asian descent precludes me i understand. Thanx.
Mick Pinckney [Editor's Note: All US citizens and PRs who
are sympathetic to our cause are welcome to subscribe!]

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2004 campaign, UNTIL Mr. Bush has answered 80-20's questionnaire on the
enforcement of EO 11246 satisfactorily. FIGHT for your children's equal
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