Saturday, January 17, 2004

ALL Dem. Candidates Answered Yes/Yes/Yes

(A) 100th Life Member Joined 80-20!

James Chang of Newport Beach, CA just became our 100th Life
Member. He upgraded his Basic membership to LIFE membership. The
stock market is up. 80-20's achievement is worthy of your support.
Hope that YOU will consider supporting as a Life Member (from $1000
to $10,000 per membership). Together we shall overcome.

(B) Grand Slam in winning over Dem. presidential candidates:

ALL viable Democratic presidential candidates responded to 80-20's
questionnaire with yes/yes/yes. They are, in order of promptness in
response, where (1) means the earliest:

(1) Congressman Dennis Kucinich, (2) Governor Howard Dean,
(3) Amb. Carol Braun (dropped out) (4) Senator John Edwards,
(5) General Wesley K. Clark, (6) Senator John Kerry
(7) Senator Joe Lieberman, and (8) Congressman Dick Gephardt

If a Democrat is elected the president in 2004, the federal
government will employ its immense power through Executive
Order 11246 to help Asian Americans break the glass ceiling. We
estimate that in 10 years the number of Asian Americans in the
Executive/Administrators rank will increase by a factor of 3 in
all mainstream corporations/ firms/ universities/ institutions/

Unfortunately, Mr. George W. Bush, the only Republican running
for president in 2004, has not yet responded to 80-20's questionnaire.

As a result, 80-20 urges Asian Americans to

(a) vote for any of the above 8 candidates during the Democratic
PRIMARY elections, taking into account their promptness in
answering the questionnaire
(b) withhold financial and other forms of support from Mr.
Bush's 2004 campaign until he has responded with yes/yes/yes to
80-20's questionnaire.

If Mr. Bush also answers yes/yes/yes, then, whoever gets elected in
Nov., our children will get equal opportunity in workplaces.

So hold firm. Don't contribute to Mr. Bush, UNTIL he responds
positively. Any APA who gives to his campaign before he responds
positively is hurting OUR CHILDREN'S chance to win equal opportunity!

The above rules do NOT apply in the GENERAL election. After
each major party has elected a nominee, 80-20 will hold an
Endorsement Convention. Delegates to the Convention will be elected
from and by our dues-paying members. The composition of Delegates
shall be 1/3 Republicans, 1/3 Independents and 1/3 Democrats. The
endorsement criteria shall be DEEDS done by either party in the
preceding 4 years, and the response to 80-20's questionnaire. For
details see Article 7 of 80-20's Bylaws. Please visit . TOGETHER, we'll overcome.